Swyx is performance.

See and be seen – presence information

Presence information in Swyx allows you to display your status of availability to other employees. Team members therefore know who is logged on and/or available, and can reach the right person immediately. Consequently, this saves time and avoids unsuccessful communication attempts.

Everything under control

With SwyxIt! you can define your own speed dials for internal and external contacts, so that you can access frequently dialled numbers as quickly as possible. Tabs help to structure speed dials, such as by classifying them by departments. In addition, the call journal provides an overview of all incoming and outgoing calls, redials, missed calls, own callback requests, and recorded calls.

Contacts quickly found

Both a company-wide phone book and a personal phone book are available. The company phone book also shows the presence information for the required communication partner. The user can search easily for entries within phone books or directly in SwyxIt!. Using the practical hotkey functionality, you can select and dial phone numbers in any Windows application at just the click of a mouse.

Voicemail unlimited

A voicemail system is available for each user, with extensive functions. Voicemails can:
• be sent from the server as an attachment to an email address, and be retrieved by the recipient,
• after entering the email inbox, be forwarded, answered, saved or deleted,
• be retrieved by remote access with a telephone or with SwyxIt!.

Swyx is intelligent

The integrated Call Routing Manager lets you forward calls automatically to a number of your choice (e.g. another colleague’s mobile or landline), if you can‘t take the call yourself. With intelligent call forwarding based on Microsoft® Outlook or IBM® Lotus Notes® calendar information or your status, there is no need to activate or deactivate forwarding manually: SwyxServer knows whether a user can currently be reached. Furthermore, the integrated rule assistant can implement call forwarding dependent on specific times of day, or weekdays or public holidays.

Better service, more customer satisfaction

With Swyx you have a powerful tool in the Graphical Script Editor (GSE), which makes it easy to specify complex sequences for decisions, actions and handling for incoming calls. For example, you can design speech dialogue systems (Interactive Voice Response, IVR), so calls can be forwarded to several numbers or to specific departments. This ensures that important calls are not lost, and always reach the correct destination.

Fax? No, problem.

Swyx makes conventional fax machines superfluous. Swyx enables faxes to be sent directly from all applications with a print option. Thanks to the integration into Microsoft® Outlook, you can also fax documents using your contacts list. Incoming faxes are converted into a graphic file (PDF, TIFF) and delivered directly to the recipient‘s inbox.