Swyx is open-minded.

Open for alternatives

SwyxIt! has a universal interface that enables further Collaboration applications to be seamlessly integrated. Plug-in technology allows additional functions to be connected during a phone call. Third-party manufacturers and system integrators are enabled to integrate further Collaboration applications simply and effectively into SwyxIt!.

Interfaces used to link to

For customers with special requirements for the integration of communication functions, Swyx offers free-of- charge access to the Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK allows access to all SwyxIt! functions in order to integrate these into your own applications.

The world of Swyx

The Technology Alliance Program (TAP) continually expands the Swyx solution spectrum. The TAP offers a framework that gives third-party manufacturers the opportunity to test and certify of software applications, hardware products and services. Here you will find many additional solutions with which you can support special individual requirements for integrated communication.