Swyx is flexible.

The flexibility to extend

Additional options allow you to expand Swyx flexibly into a full-featured Unified Communications system. By starting with Swyx, you lay the foundation for a future-proof communication platform that is constantly updated and upgraded.

The flexibility to decide.

With Swyx you can decide flexibly which connection to the public telephone network you want to use. It makes no difference whether you decide on a modern SIP connection from a service provider, or choose a connection via the established ISDN telephone network for handling the external voice communication. In both cases, you always have the best possible voice quality with Swyx.

Swyx is personal.

The unique SwyxIt! skin concept allows quick and uncomplicated changing of the user interface. SwyxIt! users can choose from a variety of supplied skins according to the individual requirements of their workstation. The receptionist or “power user” will want an interface with a large number of speed dials and line buttons, while users with normal requirements may prefer a more compact interface.

Integrates Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes

Swyx integrates the leading groupware programs Microsoft® Outlook and IBM® Notes®. In addition to increased productivity, the use of established and well-known applications also leads to higher acceptance of new features by users.

PC and phone in perfect harmony

Swyx enables coupling of the SwyxIt! telephony software with a SwyxPhone IP telephone in CTI mode (Computer Telephony Integration). With SwyxIt! you can manage all calls conveniently from your PC, including your desk telephone, too. The CTI mode offers the further advantage that the full Swyx functionality can also be provided in terminal server environments, such as in connection with thin clients.