Swyx is easy.

Installation made easy

Terminal devices such as IP desk telephones are simply connected to the local network (LAN) and detected by SwyxServers. The necessary configuration takes place automatically, so that devices are operational at once. The integration into Microsoft® Active Directory means that even larger Swyx installations can be administered with ease.

'Easy' saves your money.

With Swyx as a complete solution, you benefit from all the advantages of server consolidation, lower hardware and energy costs, space savings and higher availability.

Swyx routes all voice and data traffic over your existing IP network. As a result, not only is the overall complexity of your infrastructure considerably reduced, but the costs for purchasing, set-up, maintenance and possible extensions are lower.

Connecting locations is easy.

For businesses that have several sites and want to expand the head office telephony system functions to branch offices, Swyx is the flexible solution: central management, global phone books or the use of existing data connections for free calls. The use of VPN connections ensures the highest degree of security for communications.