Modern, Innovative, Swyx

Swyx is for today and tomorrow.

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The innovative and intuitively usable Swyx software is simply installed on mobile devices, desktop or laptop. Swyx enables every device to be not only a convenient telephone but also a universal communication portal for all media. Swyx integrates voice, email, video, voicemail, fax, instant messaging, presence information, application sharing and your company-relevant applications into just one user interface.

Why Swyx:

Swyx is flexible.

The challenge: Communication

There are many ways to make contact today: traditional fixed-line or mobile phones, fax, instant messaging, video phones and email – and every medium also offers numerous application options. As well as the demand on you to supply the necessary hardware, all these channels demand your employees‘ attention and a high level of organisation.

Swyx is performance.

Communication is more than just telephony.

With Swyx your business communication is conveniently linked to your business processes. The result is not only improved workflows within the company, but also completely new forms of interaction with business partners and customers – while simultaneously protecting your previous investments in process applications.

Swyx is open-minded.

Customise to the max.

Swyx Web extensions give you entirely new options for implementing quick and simple serverbased integration with company-relevant applications from any suppliers. As such, call-related events can be defined, so you can take advantage of any Web-based service. This makes it possible, for example, to pass the number of an incoming call to a CRM or ERP application, and display the results of current customer record details and history. Swyx is therefore at the centre of your communication.

Swyx is always accessible.

Mobility is key

Swyx enables mobile phones to be easily integrated into business communication; this is also called Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). It means that employees can use all the significant convenience functions with their mobile phones, too. Customers need only be given one contact number, as calls can be intelligently routed to the right place in the organisation, depending on current availability.