Next Generation

Business Communications

Swyx Business Strategy

Unified Communications

Combining all Communication Channels

For the last forty years or more, the corporate telephone system, locked away in a dedicated room, has been the principle medium of business communication, defining virtually every transaction, process and operation carried out. Unified Communications (UC) is the consolidation of all communications and networking resources; such as telephone, server-based applications, voicemail, email, IM (instant messaging), video or conferencing into a single infrastructure.

Cloud communications

Business Communications As a Cloud based Service

Swyx solutions cater specifically to SME clients, ranging from ten users to more than one thousand. Swyx’s extensive experience within the industry provides not only valued insight to Deutsche Telekom, but also deep insight into customer needs, challenges, expectations, and the overall market evolution.

Mobile Communications

Transforming your mobile device

Staying mobile represents additional flexibility for communication. In day-to-day business, there are many situations in which it’s necessary to leave the workstation: to coordinate with colleagues, to head over to the warehouse, to attend a conference meeting. Even in these situations, Swyx provides the freedom of remaining available for people trying to reach you as well as the flexibility to make calls yourself.

Future Communications

Over-the-Top Business Communications

Like messaging, consumer and international voice, the market for business voice is ready for disruption. The global take-up of mobile broadband is challenging conventional business models.