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Swyx Update Service (SUS)

Imagine the convenience of not having to worry about paying each time you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest feature associated with the business communications solution that is a critical part of your organisation. When you buy such a solution you want to know that you are covered for the on-going technological advancements that could help to maintain or enhance your business efficiency, your employees’ productivity and the level of service you offer to your customers.

To best serve the needs of customers who want to take advantage of the breadth of SwyxWare’s IP telephony solution, Swyx provides the Swyx Update Service. The Swyx Update Service is a subscription based service that enables users of SwyxWare solutions to benefit from software updates and associated new features and enhancements through ongoing SwyxWare releases for the duration of their service contract period.

To more closely match the requirements of individual businesses and to give customers full peace of mind with regards to having access to on-going product enhancements, there are multiple options for the duration of the Swyx Update Service contract i.e. Swyx Update Service licenses are available for 1 or 3 years.

The Swyx Update Service gives the customer the right to keep the SwyxServer up to date for the duration of the Swyx Update Service validity period. To enable customers to choose exactly when they carry out software updates, update licenses are issued upon request from the customer who can request a server update license key at any time.

Sample Customer Scenarios

  • Example 1 – Swyx Update Service purchased within 12 months of permanent registration of SwyxWare server:

You are using a SwyxWare server with 100 users and have a Swyx Update License for 1 years for 100 users.

You registered your SwyxWare server in July 2014 so you qualify for an update to all current versions of software up to 30th June 2015 at no extra charge.

  • Example 2 – Purchase of Swyx Update Service more than 12 months after SwyxWare server was permanently registered:

You registered your SwyxWare server in March 2014 with 100 users.

In order to take advantage of the Swyx Update Service from the 1st April 2014, you will need to purchase a Swyx Update Service that covers you for 2 years or more.