Mobile Integration

Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

  • Voice calls in HD Audio
  • Easy management of presence status and call transfer
  • Presence status overview of internal contacts
  • Push notification support
  • Manage and navigate in contacts, favourites, call journal
  • Initiate calls via direct entry, from phone book or call journal
  • Comprehensive call management
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI) & hide caller ID for local calls, name resolution for call numbers
  • Voicemail support
  • Assignment of different call types for incoming calls
  • Presence and profile management by setting presence status (including “logged off”), status message and profile picture manually
  • Contact management and phone book (e. g. create favourites for contacts)
  • Smart filtering, searching and finding in the phone book with support for profile photos of contacts (server-based business contacts and local personal contacts)
  • Defining favourites from contacts including presence status for internal contacts
  • Call logs for incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Initiation of ad-hoc three-way conferences
  • Call Routing: “Do not disturb“ and forwarding in case of busy/delayed/immediate/unsubscribed patricipants
  • Widgets for fast change of accessibility status
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant display in task manager

Additional features for Apple iOS

  • CallKit integration
  • Siri support
  • Presence widget
  • Support for Apple Watch to set presence status and reject incoming calls
  • Initiate calls via number pad, Siri, phone book, favourites or caller list
  • Selection of the outgoing phone number (individual or group number)
  • Support for Bluetooth headsets
  • SwyxWare features and technical informationLanguage: English Filesize 80 KB Download
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