• Storage of incoming faxes in the formats: BMP, DCX, JPG, PCX, TIFF, PDF
  • Connection of analog fax machines via IP a/b adapter
  • Archiving of faxes
  • Automatic distribution of incoming fax messages by suffix dialling (DDI and MSN)
  • Automatic fax printout to network printer
  • Automatic print of incoming and outgoing faxes and fax journals
  • Faxing from any program with the print function
  • Fax speed: TX 14400/RX 14400
  • Fax over IP (T.38)
  • Fax Server service
  • Fax delivery to fax client
  • Journals for receipt, sending, jobs and errors
  • Configurable redial (time and number)
  • Use of Microsoft Outlook contacts and global Exchange address lists for giving the recipient
  • Broadcast of a fax message to multiple recipients
  • Rapid display of fax documents directly on screen
  • Sending of short notes in the cover page (Quickfax)
  • Serial faxes
  • Support of cover pages, forms and letters
  • Forwarding of received faxes to other SwyxFax users or fax machines
  • Delayed sending
  • Central inbox for fax messages with no recipient
  • Delivery of received faxes by SMTP to any e-mail address
  • SwyxWare features and technical informationLanguage: English Filesize 80 KB Download

* Requires additional licenses

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