Mobility at work with SwyxDECT

SwyxDECT solutions make it possible for you and your employees to be reachable throughout the entire workday, at all times and everywhere: At workstations, while visiting production lines, in sales rooms or even when coordinating logistics. This provides a high degree of mobility, especially for employees who spend the majority of their workday away from their desks. Be it large sales rooms, expansive warehouse halls or extensive production facilities, SwyxDECT solutions mean that you and your employees can use the telephone comfortably from anywhere. Even in environments where it's difficult to install new cables, SwyxDECT systems guarantee effortless communication from anywhere within a company.

Furthermore, SwyxDECT solutions unite the established DECT standard with voice-over-IP and facilitate high quality voice transmission at any location. Additionally, users profit from seamless call forwarding between individual cells. Range can be scaled as needed using additional base stations and repeaters. In connection with SwyxWare, a large number of comfortable telephone features are available, including access to company contacts stored centrally, for example.

For further information, refer to the datatsheet of SwyxDECT.