Fixed Mobile Convergence: SwyxMobile

In most companies, the fixed network and mobile radio are still largely separate. Employees have several telephone numbers and use various voicemail systems. Moreover, important company communication functions cannot be used with the mobile phone. All this costs time, restricts availability and prevents efficient control of communication costs. Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is technology that eliminates these disadvantages, enabling a convergent linking of mobile radio and fixed network.

The mobile phone becomes an effective extension

SwyxMobile is an option with SwyxWare, to enable simple integration of mobile phones into company communication.

Main advantages of SwyxMobile:

  • Full integration of the mobile phone means greater efficiency using the convenience of SwyxWare features
  • Access to personal telephony environment from the mobile phone
  • You can be reached on a single number, anytime and anywhere, with the One Number concept
  • You use only a central voicemail system on the SwyxServer
  • Saving in telephony costs: no special new mobile phones needed. urther potential savings from optimal utilization of outline contracts and use of Least Cost Routing and GSM Gateways
  • Simple startup. No complicated network integration necessary

Swyx Mobile

With the Swyx Mobile app for iPhone and Android* smartphones, SwyxWare users can provide a single contact number and receive and make calls via the Swyx soft client on their iPhone or Android device. Each contact also displays detailed information such as status, phone numbers, e-mail address and/or picture. Thanks to the "Fast Dial" function, call set-up is 50% faster because the number is identified before the actual call setup via the IP connection to the server.

In principle you can benefit from the SwyxMobile advantages with virtually any mobile phone, even if no Swyx Mobile Client is installed. In this case, you simply dial the relevant key sequences (function codes) on your mobile phone.

* Available via Google Play, supports Android version 4.4 and higher