SwyxPhone Extension Modules

SwyxPhone Extension Modules are convenient extensions for the SwyxPhones L615, L640 and L660.

Depending on the model these extensions offer 12, 18 up to 24 additional function keys / speed dials and match to the respective SwyxPhones. Users can plug up to two extension to the right side of their SwyxPhones. What is very handy is the status signalling: LEDs with the speed dials show, which coworkers in your company are available and who talks at any given moment.

Please notice differing PoE (Power over Ethernet) requirements for special configurations:

  • While using SwyxPhone L640 with two extension modules you will need Power Class 3.
  • A separate power supply is needed to use SwyxPhone L640g or L660g with two extension modules.

Extension Modules Overview

  T615 T640 SLK T660 SLK
Number of keys (with LEDs) 18 12 12
Selflabelling keys No Yes Yes
Background lighting No Yes Yes
Available colours Iceblue (white), Lava (black) Iceblue (white), Lava (black) Iceblue (white), Lava (black)