Jabra PRO 9xxx & Plantronics Savi W740 / W745, CS520 / CS540
Jabra PRO 9xxx & Plantronics Savi W745, CS520

PC with Swyx, SwyxPhone, Mobile*

Western, USB, Bluetooth (Jabra PRO 9470, Jabra PRO 9465 Duo)
Western (Plantronics CS520/CS540), Western, USB, Bluetooth (Plantronics Savi W740/W745)

Jabra PRO 9470 Mono
Jabra PRO 9450 Flex Mono
Jabra PRO 9465 Duo
Jabra PRO 9450 Flex Duo
Plantronics Savi W745 Mono
Plantronics CS520 Stereo
Plantronics CS540 Mono

Talk range
Up to 150m (DECT), Up to 10m (Bluetooth) (Jabra)
Up to 120m (Plantronics)

Battery talk time
Up to 8 hours (depends on the model) (Jabra)
Up to 7 hours (CS520/CS540); plus Hot Swap battery for unlimited talk time (Savi W740/W745) (Plantronics)

HD-Audio, DSP, SafeTone, PeakStop Safe Tone, NoiseCancelling (Jabra)
HD-Audio, Noise Cancelling, SoundGuard (Plantronics)

Wearing style
Headband, Earhook, Neckband (PRO 9470); Headband (PRO 9465 Duo, PRO 9450 Flex Mono, PRO 9450 Flex Duo)
Headband, Earhook, Neckband (Savi W740/W745) Headband, Earhook (CS520/CS540)

Touchpanel (PRO 9740, PRO 9465 Duo), electronic hookswitch (Jabra)
The lightest DECT headset on the market, switch smoothly between different media and mix audio channels, e.g. for conference calls with up to four participants (Savi W740/W745) (Plantronics)

* only variants with Bluetooth connection