Few businesses spend every minute of every working day using their telephone system however some organisations, particularly larger businesses, have high calling volumes into/out of the business and need to ensure maximum 'uptime' of their communications system.

Because of the high number of hardware components within traditional telephony systems, such systems can be difficult and time-consuming to repair or upgrade when something fails. Software based telephony solutions, on the other hand, not only have significantly less hardware that can fail but can also be more easily 'replicated' to provide a real-time alternative should the primary server become unavailable for any reason.

Maintaining business communications

For those businesses for whom availability of their communications system is a critical factor, the SwyxStandby option ensures continuity of the communications infrastructure and applications. The SwyxStandby option is installed on the same Microsoft® Windows® server as SwyxWare i.e. the primary server. This option enables the primary server to communicate with a secondary server so that the secondary server can automatically take over the primary server's functions should the primary server fail. With the SwyxStandby option, the secondary server is able to use all of the primary server's SwyxWare license keys and does not require its own license keys.

Key benefits of SwyxStandby

  • Availability, within seconds of a failover situation, of an alternative server with configuration data concerning users, groups, trunks, etc. already loaded
  • On-going protection through regular synchronisation of the secondary server database with the primary server (SwyxWare) database
  • No loss of application availability when failover occurs so users can continue to do their jobs effectively
  • Automatic failover enables quick and easy recovery so business continuity does not suffer


  • The number of users supported by the SwyxStandby option will be the same as the number of licensed SwyxWare users
  • User licenses are automatically 'inherited' from the primary server so users can continue to use all licensed SwyxWare applications when failover occurs
  • The secondary server automatically synchronises with the primary server's database in background
  • Call Detail Records (CDRs) will be handled as transactions and will be recorded in both the primary and secondary databases
  • SwyxWare administrator can explicitly specify at any time which of the two servers is currently active and which one is passive so that communications activity can be shifted from one server to another to enable, proactive maintenance to be carried out


  • Server: SwyxWare and SwyxStandby Option
  • MS SQL Server (Workgroup or Standard Edition)