Do you have a mixture of new and experienced staff within your business who handle calls with prospects, customers and partners? Do you wish that you could simply transfer months and years of experience into your newer staff so that they could be as efficient as your more experienced employees?

Perhaps you have employees who have to frequently travel on business and participate on calls while in a moving vehicle when it is difficult for them to make notes. And how many businesses do you know who have never had to deal with an awkward customer who makes sweeping statements in one call only to deny at least a part of what was said in the next call.

The ability to record calls is now recognised by many companies as a valuable tool that makes it easier for them to do business efficiently.

SwyxRecord ad hoc call recording can be initiated simply at the click of a button on the SwyxIt! softphone in which case the caller is made aware of the recording by a beep. It has already proven to be a useful training tool - an easy way to demonstrate to a newer employee how an experienced employee handles a call with a difficult customer. Mobile employees who listen to calls while out of the office can also benefit from SwyxRecord by listening to the precise details of a recorded call when they are in a position to make notes or spend time analysing the information from the call. Finally, SwyxRecord also enables businesses to have an indisputable record of conversations between employees and customers which is particularly important in any contractual situations.

Key benefits of SwyxRecord:

  • Protect the business from false claims by callers
  • Enable mobile employees to have detailed records of their calls so they can make more informed decisions
  • Calls can be replayed using industry-standard media players, for example, Microsoft Windows Media Player without the need for additional expensive hardware or software
  • Improve employee training and coaching by allowing less experienced employees/agents to learn from more experienced employees without disrupting a conversation with a prospect or customer


  • Calls can be recorded on an ad hoc basis by individual users using SwyxIt! (in non CTI mode)
  • Users can record all or parts of a call
  • Individual parts of the each conversation will be stored together in a single WAV file - this results in only one entry being added to the list of recorded conversations and makes for easier access to a recorded call at a later date.
  • Users can have the recordings displayed and can choose which ones to listen to
  • Users can send an e-mail to the other participant of the recorded call, whereby details about the call are included automatically
  • Recordings can be exported to enable other employees to learn from the more experienced call handler
  • An attention tone is assigned to the other participant of the recorded call
  • Users can delete individual recordings or the entire list


  • Server: SwyxServer Installation
  • Client: SwyxIt! Installation