SwyxProfessional represents great value for money as it is a bundle of 5 of the most popular option packs available for SwyxWare. SwyxProfessional is ideal for the business that recognises the value of a complete IP PBX solution that includes applications that enable employee effectiveness and business efficiency.

  • SwyxConference
  • SwyxECR
  • SwyxFax
  • SwyxMobile
  • SwyxRecord

SwyxProfessional offers all features mentioned above to all licensed users. This means that functions are not restricted to a selected (reduced) number of users but to all licensed SwyxWare users.

Key benefits of SwyxProfessional:

  • A single Option Pack simplifies customer choices
  • Productivity: SwyxConference creates more effective working practices, leading to shorter project times and increased employee productivity and can result in a quick ROI if your company currently schedules audio conferences using third party providers on a regular basis
  • SwyxECR enables the business to convey a high level of professionalism even when the company is quite small
  • SwyxFax saves a business time and money by enabling the sending and receiving faxes of without a physical fax machine
  • SwyxMobile enables your mobile employees to be easier to contact and to work more productively
  • SwyxRecord will help protect the business from false claims by callers and allows less experienced employees/agents to learn from more experienced employees without disrupting a conversation with a prospect or customer


  • Server: SwyxServer Installation
  • Client: SwyxIt! Installation