SwyxPLUS VisualContacts

Smart contact management with SwyxPLUS VisualContacts

With the VisualContacts option for SwyxWare, you can bring contact information distributed throughout your company together in one location and make it available in your usual phone environment in an easy-to-use format. This provides all workers with quick access to telephone numbers and other relevant contact information from the widest variety of company applications. This intelligent contact processing also facilitates direct search within the Swyxlt! client as well as quick identification searches of incoming telephone calls.

Key benefits of SwyxPLUS VisualContacts:

  • Flexible integration of distributed contact information in SwyxWare
  • No additional expenditure for integration into the corresponding application due to effective data replication
  • Easy installation and tailoring to individual requirements
  • Seamless integration into SwyxIt! User interface free from additional, distracting windows
  • Increased productivity due to direct access to company contacts with a easy search function