Does your business have a high number of calls where information is exchanged that needs to be recorded for business or legal purposes? Do you wish that your newer employees could handle customer/prospect calls as efficiently as your more experienced staff? Perhaps you have to deal with awkward customers who make sweeping statements in one call only to deny at least a part of what was said in the next call.

To help support and protect your business, your employees and your customers, SwyxMonitor provides both monitoring and system-wide call recording in a single option pack.

For businesses that require continual call recording such as business 'hotlines', this can easily be implemented as a permanent/system-wide option for all conversations on specified numbers calling into or out of the business, or across the business as a whole. Businesses can take advantage of SwyxMonitor to have an indisputable record of all conversations between employees and customers which is particularly important in contractual situations. Where call recording is not applied to all calls, individual employees can still choose to record a call on an ad hoc basis.

Call monitoring/silent intrusion enables a supervisor to listen in to an agent's call without an audible entry tone being heard by either the agent or the other party on the call. When the supervisor wishes to say something to the agent, he can 'whisper' to the agent without the other calling party hearing the conversation. If required, the supervisor can also participate actively in the conversation, perhaps to resolve an issue that the agent cannot address.

Key benefits of SwyxMonitor:

  • Protect the business from false claims by callers
  • Recorded calls can be replayed using industry-standard media players, for example, Microsoft Windows Media Player without the need for additional expensive hardware or software.
  • Enable mobile employees to have detailed records of all calls so they can make more informed decisions
  • Improve employee training and coaching by allowing less experienced employees/agents to learn from more experienced employees without disrupting a conversation with a prospect or customer
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction by enabling supervisors to provide immediate advice or assistance on a customer call so that a customer issue is more quickly resolved


  • An attention tone is assigned to the other participant of the recorded call
  • Calls can be recorded based on specified numbers calling into or out of the business, or system-wide for all calls
  • Only administrators can delete recorded conversations
  • Recordings can be exported to enable other employees to learn from the more experienced call handler
  • Supervisors can 'whisper' information or advice to an agent without the other party hearing the whispered conversation
  • Supervisors can actively participate in a conversation to provide guidance or resolve a customer issue that may be beyond the capabilities of the agent at that point in time
  • Supervisors can silently listen to an agent's call with no disruption to the conversation between agent and customer/prospect
  • Users who are not configured to have all their calls recorded can still record all or parts of a call


  • Server: SwyxServer Installation
  • Client: SwyxIt! Installation