Make your mobile employees as easy to contact and as productive as your office-based employees.

Employees that are based out of the office rely heavily on their mobile/smart phones to keep in touch with prospects, customers, partners and colleagues. Enable mobile employees to work more productively and handle customer calls more effectively by giving them access to PBX features that they would normally only be able to take advantage of when they are in the office.

SwyxMobile provides Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) by enabling the cell/mobile phone to operate as an internal extension of the enterprise IP-PBX. This allows mobile users to benefit from many of the key features of their office telephone system.

Key Benefits of SwyxMobile:

  • More efficient working practices - employees can use extension dialling for intra-company calls and only need one business number and one business voice mailbox for both mobile and desk phones
  • Cost savings - easy to deploy; no expensive network integration required; Outbound calls are delivered at the cost of standard ISDN/SIP calls
  • Improvements in customer service - make it easy for your customers, prospects and partners to contact you – you only have one telephone number that they need to remember/call
  • Easier management - all existing SwyxWare user rights/restrictions are easily applied to mobile users