SwyxECR: Extended Call Routing

Ensure calls are never missed with SwyxECR

Imagine the reduction in business and customer satisfaction that can result from unanswered phones and badly routed calls. Consider the situation where all incoming calls have to be answered by one person before the call can be put through to the right person or department. Without the right communications solution the time and resources taken to do this can be immense and, at peak calling times, one person may not be enough to answer all the incoming calls.

SwyxECR (Extended Call Routing) is an easy to use graphical tool that allows you to set up action sequences for incoming calls, ensuring the satisfaction of the caller by enabling you to easily manage even complex call handling scenarios. This means you can set up options menus to route calls to multiple numbers or specific departments to ensure they are always answered, and callers can even be given the option to direct their own calls by touchtone. It is also possible to automatically manage the routing of calls based on factors such as caller ID, called extension, time/date/day, and the called party's Outlook/Notes Calendar. Calls can also be routed from one site to another so callers do not have to re-dial using a different number and, as an added bonus, internal call mechanisms can be set up to record Human Resource issues such as staff sickness

Key Benefits of SwyxECR:

  • Convey a high level of professionalism even when the company is quite small
  • Ensure sales opportunities and customer satisfaction are not adversely affected due to badly routed or lost calls
  • Put the caller in the driving seat as they decide on how their call is routed
  • Reduce administration costs and time through automatic call routing that any SwyxWare user can set up
  • Further reduce costs and support internal communication by managing basic processes like automatically routing internal calls using recipient's name (including off site calls) and recording sick days


  • "Number/Date/Time to Speech" function
  • Actions: loop, follow me, message, record message, generate email, voicemail, receive DTMF signals, remote inquiry, access IMAP4 mail server
  • Decision-dependent actions
  • Enhanceable by user-specific COM objects or procedures in Visual Basic Script
  • Graphical Script Editor (GSE)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) via DTMF
  • Script signature support
  • States are saved in variables
  • Time and date-dependent actions
  • Variables: length of call, number, name, date, time, weekday, extension dialed, identification number (PIN)