CTI (Computer-Telephony-Integration) is the intelligent link between telephony and the PC world. With CTI, you can control your telephone directly from your PC.

With CTI functionality, you can start, accept and even end a call from any computer program. You can initiate telephone conferences, send and receive faxes, forward calls and even have video calls. The automatic caller identification function makes it possible for your screen to display the corresponding data set with customer information from a database, which means you can address the caller directly by name. With the link to your customer management system, you can access the entire history of a customer contact as needed, and have all of your caller's relevant information directly in view.

SwyxCTI+ turns every telephone into a smart phone!

With the SwyxCTI+ option, you are completely free in the device you chose. You are no longer bound to system telephones being from a specific manufacturer and can chose any telephone you wish to use. The coupling with the SwyxIt! software client means that every telephone is turned into a personal extension, regardless of the kind of device being used, such as DECT, SIP, analog or ISDN.


For field service employees who are frequently out, or who don't want to do without their usual telephony environment while working at a hotel or home office, SwyxCTI+ represents a flexible solution for integrating any telephone device they'd like to use. SwyxCTI+ means that a private home phone, or even a hotel telephone, can be turned into a personal remote office - using the user's own office extension.  You'll have access to your telephone books, call lists and call forwarding.

Security of investment

Additionally, SwyxCTI+ offers you the ideal options for effortless migration. Classic telephone devices can continue to be used without having to forfeit the advantages of SwyxWare. You can couple your current telephone to the SwyxIt! client with the help of SwyxCTI+, thereby making use all of the advantages of SwyxWare. This significantly reduces your initial investment costs.

SwyxCTI+ offers the following advantages:

  • Controlling the telephone of your choice using the SwyxIt! client: Be it DECT, SIP or an analog telephone, every telephone can be turned into your personal extension
  • The perfect combination of telephone and PC - fully portable
  • All of SwyxIt! client's functions are available, such as simple quick dialling for all contacts, the F11 functions, etc.


  • Dialling: You can dial from Outlook or any other applications of your choosing, and can even use call and redial lists from the telephone books
  • Toggle, connect and launch conferences
  • Call back, and call back if busy
  • Start or accept another call


  • Server: SwyxServer 2013 or higher
  • Client: SwyxIt! 2013 or higher
  • SwyxCTI+ option