Meetings are an essential part of business. Planning and production meetings, sales meetings, client meetings, briefings of all kinds …they are all needed to get work done. When face-to-face meetings aren't possible or practical, whether the reasons are logistical, economical, or matters of personal safety and security, a conference call is a cost-effective alternative. With more and more people working from home, on the road or geographically separate locations, this is an ideal way to keep everyone in today's 'virtual enterprise' working together.

SwyxWare offers a conference manager option that allows you to have complete control over the provisioning and set up of conference calls. Individuals can set up an imprompt conference call from their deskphones or from their SwyxIt! softphone client. And, for scheduled calls, or calls involving larger numbers of callers, a virtual conference room can easily be set up by a system administrator into which all authorised callers can dial.

Your conference calls do not have to be limited to your own employees - you can invite partners and customers to join whenever appropriate. And you don't need to worry about unauthorised people dialling in to your private or confidential conference calls as you can protect the virtual conference room with a PIN or restrict the access to certain telephone numbers only or only open the virtual conference room during business hours.

Key benefits of SwyxConference:

  • Cost-effective: Conference calls reduce travel, and wasted time.
  • Flexibility: Regular conference calls keep everyone in today's 'virtual enterprise' working together.
  • Productivity: SwyxConference creates more effective working practices, leading to shorter project times and increased employee productivity
  • Customers and partners feel a stronger connection to your business when they participate in your conference calls
  • ROI: If your company currently schedules audio conferences using third party providers on a regular basis, the return on investment in the SwyxConference application can be quick.


  • Access to conference calls can be restricted to specified hours, numbers and callers with the correct PIN1
  • Ad hoc calls can be set up via SwyxPhones and/or the SwyxIt! softphone client
  • External parties can participate in select conference calls
  • Participants in a conference can also conference-in other participants
  • The number of participants who can join a conference call is unlimited (as long as trunk lines are available for external callers)
  • Virtual conference rooms can be set up by a system administrator

1 requires SwyxECR Option Pack


  • Server: SwyxServer Installation
  • Client: SwyxIt! Installation