Unified Communications with IBM Lotus Notes

As one of the leading groupware applications, IBM LotusNotes is an essential element of business communicationsfor many companies. The option pack for SwyxWare notonly allows Lotus Notes to be enhanced with important telephonyfunctions - it also enables integration in all importantcommunication processes.

Quick and easy integration

The option pack is installed on the user side in conjunctionwith the SwyxIt! communications software. The automaticinstallation process can be executed quickly and easily, bythe administrator for example. No further integration orimplementation steps are needed. After the installation iscompleted, the new functions are available within the LotusNotes application as well as on the SwyxIt! user interface.

A perfect linking of voice and data

With the Swyx telephony functions linked to the data availablein Lotus Notes, all advantages of integrated communicationcan be utilised. In practice, this means added convenienceand significant time savings for the user:

  • on incoming calls, as call numbers are directly related to the relevant Lotus Notes contact
  • on outgoing calls, as Lotus Notes contacts are dialled directly by mouse click
  • in call management, for example with automatic call forwarding dependent on appointments.
The SwyxIt! dialler enables convenient dialling of Lotus Notes contacts with a click of the mouse.
Lotus Notes Option Pack Screenshot

Highlights of the Swyx Integration in IBM Lotus Notes

  • Simple installation and configuration, no further integration effort
  • Dialling from Lotus Notes contacts, support of multiple numbers per subscriber
  • Number resolution and direct dialling of recipients in e-mail messages
  • Automatic opening of Lotus Notes contacts for incoming calls
  • Automatic creation of new Lotus Notes contacts with transfer of numbers
  • Name resolution and display of Lotus Notes contacts

In addition to the integration of the telephony functionsinto the Lotus interface, Lotus Notes data can also be accessedwithin the SwyxIt! Client. For example, the sophisticatedSwyxIt! search function allows previously configuredLotus Notes databases to be searched. Search results arealready displayed during the input and can be dialled with amouse click, starting the call setup.

Quick access to contact and calendar information

If a SwyxIt! Speed Dial is configured with a Lotus Notesuser, up-to-date calendar information can be displayed directlyin the context menu. Together with the available presenceinformation, this helps to prevent unnecessary connectionattempts to subscribers who, for example, are notat their desk at the time.

The sophisticated SwyxIt! search function quickly finds Lotus Notes contacts.
Lotus Notes Option Pack search

Functions within the SwyxIt! communications software

  • Quick access to calendar information using Speed Dials
  • Creation of contacts from lists and phone books
  • Direct creation of meeting and task requests
  • Automatic linking of existing Lotus Notes contacts
  • Rule-based call forwarding dependent on Lotus Notes calendar information
  • Fast full-text search within Lotus Notes contacts, with display of search results during input
  • E-mail forwarding of call details from the call journal, for callback requests for instance
  • E-mail receiving of voice messages (Voicemail function)
  • Voicemail remote inquiry from any telephone by IMAP


  • IBM Lotus Notes Version 8.5, support of older Lotus Notes versions with the Swyx Lotus Notes SDK (restricted functional range)
  • SwyxWare Version 7 or higher