Unified Communications



Implementing integrated communications frequently means considering how new standards and connection technologies will fit with existing ones. With SIP (session initiation protocol), SwyxWare supports the standard for transferring voice data via an IP network. In order to achieve the widest selection of connection technology options as possible, SwyxConnect delivers a number of different communication options:

  • Establishing a connection with the public ISDN telephone network – if you are not using the SIP system connection of a service provider for termination
  • Running SwyxWare virtualized with an external ISDN gateway
  • Connecting local and branch offices with the central office in a cost efficient manner via the local ISDN exchange line
  • Supporting migration scenarios with existing ISDN telephone systems
  • Operating analogue terminal devices, such as telephones or fax machines, in connection with SwyxWare

Swyx ISDN cards

Swyx ISDN cards facilitate effective and cost-efficient connection to the ISDN network in order to support external telephone conversations via the public telephone network. They are integrated directly into a server PC and offer the best possible integration with SwyxWare Management, as they can be administered directly via the Microsoft Management Console.

Swyx 4x-BRI ISDN card with 8 voice channels
Swyx ISDN card

SwyxConnect 5xxx/8xxx

As an external SIP/ISDN gateway, SwyxConnect 5xxx/8xxx is ideal for implementation in a virtualised SwyxWare environment where ISDN connections are used. A further area of application for SwyxConnect 5xxx/8xxx is quick connection of local and branch offices with an additional failsafe (stand alone survivability, SAS) via the ISDN network in the event that there is no connection to the central server available.* Especially SwyxConnect 5xxx with its integrated ADSL modem offers a complete solution for small branch offices with an own Internet access. Migration scenarios with existing ISDN telephone systems can also be realised seamlessly and free of lengthy downtimes using SwyxConnect 5xxx/8xxx.

External ISDN gateway SwyxConnect 8000 *
SwyxConnect 8000


Swyx IP-a/b adapters are used when analogue terminal devices have to be effortlessly integrated into a SwyxWare environment. For example, analogue telephones, fax machines or even door entry systems can be integrated into the existing communications infrastructure, thereby protecting investments that have already been made.

IP-a/b adapter for connecting analogue terminal devices
IP-a/b adapter