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Audio Link and Archive Service

Audio Link and Archive Service (ALAAS) offers a unique solution for audio file recordings which are generated by SwyxWare.

  • Backup of the audio file for long-term storage
  • Link the audio file to Salesforce records
  • Server based application (on-premise)

ALAAS comes with multiple options for a long-term archive.

  • Amazon S3
  • Dropbox
  • FTP Server
  • On-Premise or Cloud Server

Own accounts (e.g. Amazon S3) or servers ensure that all your data is owned by you.

Using a smart search logic, the audio files are linked to Salesforce

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Phone call (activity)

In a related record a lot of detail information is stored like

  • Call Type (inbound / outbound)
  • Caller ID / Called ID
  • Audio File Name
  • Link to audio file backup location

Depending on the permissions defined in Salesforce the audio file can be played in the Browser.

It works with Salesforce Classic, Service Cloud and Lightning.

Especially worth mentioning is that developers can write integrations to other CRM or ERP systems with the help of an API. If you have any questions, please contact


Mirage Computer, founded in 1995, is an innovative provider of tools for developers and computer telephony applications. The main focus is on components for:


  • Computer Telephony Integration as a middleware - (CTI Data Connector)
  • Content and copy protection, digital rights management for Flash, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, EXE, Video, Audio and other file formats - (All-In-One Protector)
  • Comprehensive license management, software activation and software copy protection for applications -  (Licence Protector)

Our products are used in 75+ countries, available in multiple languages, and over 3.500 companies benefit from them.

Mirage is a Salesforce APP Innovation Partner.


  • Archive audio files to Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP Server or any on-premise file server
  • Link audio files created by Swyx to Salesforce Account, Contact , Lead or task of the call
  • Works with Sales Classic, Service Cloud and Lightning
  • API to create integrations in other CRM or ERP systems

Mirage Computer Systems GmbH

Auf der Steige 12
D-88326 Aulendorf

Technical Details

Product CategoryMiscellanous
Compatible ToSwyxWare 2015, SwyxWare 11
Further InfosTest report SwyxWare 11

You can find any previous product version tests under "Further information" in the test report.

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Audio Link and Archive Service

Audio Link and Archive Service offers a unique solution for audio file recordings which are generated by SwyxWare – long-term archiving and linking the files to Salesforce.

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