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MobiCall is a software solution that acts as a central alarm and information platform. The solutions are designed to assist you in your daily activities ranging from task management to emergency procedures. Moreover, IoT components offer the ability to integrate all your systems, devices or sensors and manage them within a single application. This delivers many benefits to your organization such as better protection of employees, a more efficient mobilisation of people and optimised workflows.

MobiCall can be installed as a pure application on a server hardware or in a virtual environment. For small and medium-sized companies, the MobiBBox is a smart, pre-installed "Plug & Use" solution on a compact industrial PC with integrated web server.

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  • Rapid response to operative alerts
  • IoT solutions in conjunction with MobiCall
  • Connection to Fire Alarm Systems, Building Automation Systems and Nurse Call Systems
  • Optimised workflows thanks to MobiCall Task Management
  • Service-based telephony and automatic call distribution

Technical Details

Product CategoryMiscellanous
Compatible ToSwyxWare 11
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New Voice International is one of the world leaders in pioneering Unified Event Communication Technology for Risk Mitigation. Our solutions are tailored to specifically match individual and unique business processes. Our objective is a unified safety infrastructure to provide a secure environment for people, assets and the environment.

Our solutions are designed to assist in the complete range of activities, from managing daily tasks to emergency procedures.

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