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myContactCenter from ilogixx is a functional, flexible and scalable Omni-Channel Contact Center solution for SwyxWare and NetPhone. The domain reaches from the smallest call groups to contact centers having multiple locations, in different countries and different PBXes. Whether calls, emails, faxes, chats, callbacks, virtual calls and more - everything is handled by the agent in a single application. Distributing all these different channels is equally common and is configured centrally.

All channels are recorded statistically, so that the integrated, customizable reporting module and the wallboard can also be used to perform an analysis per channel. The freely configurable user interface of the agent application and administration adapts exactly to your requirements.


  • Skill and language based omni-channel contact center including Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) for calls, mails, fax, chat, virtual calls, call backs
  • campaign system with preview-, power-, predictive- and broadcast dialing options
  • Flexible WYSIWYG designer for real-time wallboard. Charts, tables, gauges, indicators and text data elements including threshold indicators available.
  • Highly customizable agent / supervisor client including real time data, charting, team and queue overview, scripting for third party application integration and user interface skinning
  • Complete reporting system including report designer, report interactive and scheduled report runner including automatic e-mail sending of reports. Many export options for further data processing included.

ilogixx GmbH

Max-Planck-Straße 20
Viehmarktplatz 14
54290 Trier

Technical Details

Product CategoryContact Center
Version of Productv9.4.1
Compatible ToSwyxWare, SwyxWare
Further InfosTest report SwyxWare 12

You can find any previous product version tests under "Further information" in the test report.


ilogixx is manufacturer of the contact center solution myContactCenter. With modern development and testing tools and highly qualified developers ilogixx has focused on development of this core product.

Currently ilogixx has more than 20 years of experience in VoIP- and more than 10 years of experience in Contact Center-development. This enables ilogixx to optimally build the product myContactCenter to fulfill the needs of contact center agents, supervisors, administrators and managers.

With a broad base of certified distributors and resellers, ilogixx has established a multi-level sales and support infrastructure for optimal serving each customer.

ilogixx sales channel is spread over Europe and overseas.

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