Call Queue Controller

At a call centre or hotline, waiting times should always be reduced to a minimum. This requires intelligent coordination of incoming calls and smart deployment of agents or employees available. This is where 3iMedia’s Call Queue Controller comes in with clearly designed, customizable interfaces, showing a complete overview of your queues and calls.

In clear dashboards, the Call Queue Controller provides a complete view of queues:

  • Which employees are currently talking?
  • How many calls are currently queued?
  • Which numbers have registered for a callback?
  • What calls have been lost without any response?

In addition, you can use the Call Queue Controller to effectively coordinate and efficiently utilize the responsibilities in your call center. Example: You provide your customers with several hotlines for different topic areas.

In the Call Queue Controller, you can list the employees assigned to each of these areas and display the current status:

  • Which team member has logged into the system at all?
  • Who has just accepted which call?
  • What about free capacity in other areas?

On this basis, you can get free colleagues immediately from another team in yours when it gets tight there. Or you can fully understand what capacities from other areas of competence are currently available and probably better deal with your current caller's request.

No matter how much you are in demand, use the Call Queue Controller for SwyxWare to ensure that your callers' waiting times are kept to a minimum.

In conjunction with 3iMedia MetaServices and 3iMedia Reporting Services, this is the ideal solution for enterprise communications.


  • Easy handling
  • Queue visualisation
  • VIP handling
  • Wallboards
  • Busylights for agents and employees
  • Comprehensive reporting

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Technical Details

Product CategoryContact Center
Latest version of Productv6.10
Compatible ToSwyxWare
Further InfosTest report SwyxWare 12

You can find any previous product version tests under "Further information" in the test report.


Since 1995 3iMedia is a reliable Partner for Network Services, Unified Communications and Application Development.

3iMedia customers appreciate the comprehensive care and understanding for complex tasks. It is important to support customers from consulting through conception and realization to consolidation in all phases of the project and along the value chain.

Benefit from many years of experience in the planning and realization of IT projects. The best proof of our quality are satisfied customers.

As a gold partner of Swyx Solutions AG, 3iMedia realizes extensive projects.

3iMedia Services:

  • Consulting, planning, implementation of the UC communication solution SwyxWare as well as support
  • Consulting and planning when switching to ALL-IP
  • Development of SwyxWare and Netphone extensions
  • Planning, implementation and optimization of company network
  • Development of individual software solutions

Further information can be found here

3iMedia GmbH - Contact Center

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