Third Party Products

Swyx Third Party Products

With the Swyx Technology Partnerprogramme Swyx's solution range is expanded by third party manufacturers.

Below you will find many additional solutions, with which you can cover special individual requirements for integrated communication.

The Swyx Technology Partner Programme classifies 3rd party products in two categories:

The TPP provides a framework for 3rd party software & hardware vendors and SIP Services Providers to engage with Swyx and have their products and services tested and/or certified.

Certification Levels

Swyx interoperability testing is a defined process through which the interoperability of third party products with SwyxWare can be verified by Swyx via testing in a controlled lab environment. Successful completion of interoperability testing is a prerequisite for attaining a 'tested' or 'certified' status.

The following certification levels are currently recognised by the Swyx Technology Partner Programme:

Registered Product

Registered Product:

The basic level includes a listing on the Swyx website. Products or services from this 3rd party vendor have not been tested by Swyx. Product quality is the responsibility of the vendor. Summary of the 'Registered' level:

  • Registration of the product through Swyx 
  • Listing on the Swyx website
  • No testing through Swyx, 3rd party vendor is responsible for product quality and interoperability with SwyxWare
  • Technical support exclusively through 3rd party vendor

Tested Product

Tested Product:

Prior to the testing, the 3rd party vendor must complete all software development and perform thorough verification testing of the product. The 3rd party vendor will provide all software and hardware relevant for installation, configuration and compatibility testing of the 3rd party vendor’s application through the testing process. Swyx will provide the required SwyxWare components in a configured lab environment appropriate for interoperability testing. The 'Tested' certification level includes:

  • Product tested for interoperability, stability, and functionality
  • Swyx Certificate of Compatibility awarded
  • Website listing
  • No automatic re-testing of newer releases
  • Technical support exclusively through 3rd party vendor

Certified Product

Certified Product:

The 'Certified' certification level means that Swyx and the 3rd party product supplier have entered into an agreement where Swyx and the 3rd-party products supplier maintain the interoperability status by re-testing the 3rd party vendor’s product if the vendor releases an updated version of his firmware or software or Swyx releases an updated SwyxWare version. Products or services with this type of level include:

  • Highest certification level
  • Product successfully tested for interoperability, stability, and functionality
  • Listing on Swyx website
  • Best-in-class products of Swyx choice
  • Contractual engagement between Swyx and 3rd party vendor to ensure continuous interoperability and technical support on both sides