The Swyx Technology Alliance Program (TAP) extends the Swyx solution portfolio with third-party vendors. In addition to the Swyx portfolio, there are a variety of add-on solutions available to cover special, individual requirements for integrated communication. 

The TAP provides a framework that enables third-party manufacturers to test and certify their products. The compatibility of the individual products with your Swyx is thus guaranteed. Below you will find an overview of the different products and solutions:

TAP Product of the month

Sennheiser Logo

Sennheiser Wired Headsets

The wired Sennheiser headset series feature premium single- and double-sided wired headsets for quality-conscious contact center and office professionals requiring outstanding sound quality, quality and wearing comfort.

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Audio Devices

Swyx TAP´s Audio Devices

Whether headsets or speakerphones - here you will find the right complement for your Swyx.

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Contact Center

TAP Categorie Contact Center

Functional, flexible solutions for your call management.

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Connect existing systems seamlessly with your Swyx.

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Phones of the Swyx TAP

Perfect sound quality for all incoming and outgoing calls.

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Further Hardware

TAP Category Hardware

Here you will find further equipment.

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Further Software

TAP Category Software

Helpful additional solutions for your daily work.

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