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With SwyxWare 11 you will not only update your existing Swyx version. You get access to new options that help you significantly improve customer service and accessibility.


With the latest update Swyx Mobile for iOS is not only ready for the latest operating system from Apple (iOS 11). With Apple Call-Kit, your IP-based calls are now fully integrated into your iPhone. Switch easily between GSM and IP calls without disruptive interruptions. With the common call lists, you can keep track of which calls you have made and via which connection. 

In conjunction with Swyx Version 11, native push notifications are also supported to improve the battery performance of your mobile phone.

The Android version of Swyx Mobile will also receive push notifications in conjunction with SwyxWare 11 in the upcoming update.


With the VisualGroups add-on option, you can add efficient queue management to your solution. Incoming telephone calls are reliably answered and can be processed in selected employee groups in such a way that waiting times for your customers are minimized. Operation is carried out conveniently via the central user interface - perfectly integrated.


The new telephone family is characterised by its modern design, ease of use and high audio quality. The three models are perfectly suited for all different employee profiles and benefit from the maximum interoperability between telephone and PC client. With Gigabit Ethernet and headset connection, the phones integrate perfectly into your working environment.

In addition to new desktop phones, SwyxWare 11 supports a variety of new devices such as headsets or conference phones.

Make changes simply faster

Version 11 makes administration of the telephone system even easier. From now on, you can transfer the properties of an individual user to a large number of subscribers and groups by mouse click. This saves time and makes maintenance easier.

For new installations, the Swyx Configuration Planner facilitates the careful planning and configuration of all telephone system settings. This makes the actual installation very simple. The Configuration Planner is supported in the browser Google Chrome and Firefox.

Prepared for the future with SwyxWare 11

In addition to the highlights of version 11, there are also performance enhancements that make the operation of your SwyxWare easier and more comfortable:

  • New user interfaces in HD and UHD improve the use of the PC client in connection with higher screen resolutions, such as e. g. with 4K/5K monitors
  • Support for current versions of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Server or Microsoft Exchange increases security and keeps your installation up to date