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ISDN-Board SX2 QuadBRI, replaces Digi Micro V and Digi Quad Micro (kb2836)


The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare v4.33
  • SX2 QuadBRI
  • Digi DataFire Quad Micro
  • Digi DataFire Micro V

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Version V4.33 of SwyxWare will indruduce a new ISDN-Board. This board is called SX2 QuadBRI and includes 4 BRI interfaces. SX2 QuadBRI will replace the legacy ISDN-Boards Digi Micro V (1xS0) und Digi Quad Micro (4xS0).


Version V4.33 of SwyxWare will indroduce a new ISDN-Board. This board is called SX2 QuadBRI and will replace the legacy ISDN-Boards Digi Micro V (1xS0) and Digi Quad Micro (4xS0).

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The SX2 QuadBRI is an ISDN card with four S/T interfaces for basic rate interface (BRI) based on Cologne Chip HFC-4S. It is designed especially to be used with SwyxWare and manufactured exclusively for Swyx.


  • 4 x S/T interface (BRI)
  • each port can be configured separately to TE/NT mode with a Jumper field, the Internal BRI connector is not needed for this board.
  • short-circuit protection for the ISDN cabling by fuses (non-blowing, auto-recovery)
  • line-termination (100 Ohm) is independently selectable for each port by DIP switch
  • up to 4 cards can be installed in one PC
  • The interfaces can provide power to the S/T-bus. An additional power supply - built into the PC - is needed and will be connected to th PC power supply.  

PCI interface

  • PCI interface is suitable for 3.3V as well as 5V PCI 2.2 slots (5V to 3.3V regulator on board)

PCM Highway

  • clock synchronization between SX2-boards is possible using flat ribbon cables. This option will be supported by the driver in Q2/2006. The cable will be avaible in Q2/2006 as well.
  • 2/4/8 Mbit/s data transfer rate


  • Cologne Chip HFC-4S chip
  • high precision 49.152 MHz quartz oscillator
  • 512 x 8 bit serial EEPROM for the programming of PCI configuration information

General purpose I/O

  • 4 dual LEDs at the slot bracket that can be controlled by software with possible states green, red, off for each LED
  • 3-DIP switch can be checked by software for e.g. clear identification of the card

SX2 QuadBRI Retaining Bracket
SX2 QuadBRI Retaining Bracket
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additional Information

  • The legacy ISDN-Boards Digi Micro V and Digi Quad Micro will be avaible and delivered for some weeks after the release of V4.33 als long our stock lasts.
  • The new SX2 QuadBRI uses an new driver (available on our Website and is included in the SwyxWare V4.33 CD, the board will work with SwyxGate version V4.33 or newer.