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Swyx releases SwyxWare for on-premise installations.

This version will also be available soon on our SwyxON platforms. The exact update date will be announced separately in our partner network, as well as in the Help Center.

Please contact our service if you would like to use the Compact version in your data centers for testing purposes. A general release of the Compact version will take place in about three weeks.


Overview of the most important changes in this version:

  • Online activation of SwyxWare in the Swyx Flex subscription model
    The distribution of subscription licenses (Swyx Flex) to the designated SwyxWare server has now been fully automated. New orders of SwyxFlex licenses or changes are now immediately available in SwyxWare without further effort. Customers or partner administrators can assign licenses to users in the SCC accordingly. It is no longer necessary to send license files manually.

    During the installation of V11.50 you simply do the online activation in the Configuration Wizard and connect the SwyxWare instance with SwyxOperator.

    Please note that the new online activation in the new version is only available for new SwyxWare installations. Existing installations which are getting updated to the current version will remain in the previous license model.
  • New SwyxIT! Design Skins
    With this version we allow a first look at the upcoming new SwyxIt! design, which will be available with version 12 for all skins.

    New SwyxIt! Design Skins
    New SwyxIt! Design Skins
    Click to enlarge...

    The following skins are already available today:
    • 3 x HD
    • 4 x HD
    • 4 x HD + WebExt

  • Activation of security guidelines for certified Yealink phones (T4xS)
    Certified Yealink phones of the T4xS series receive two activated access levels after installation of SwyxWare V 11.50 or at the latest after 24 h via autoprovisioning, which are known as User or Admin Level.

    The telephones are then automatically logged in with the user level, where no changes on the interface can be made, e.g. changes to soft key keys, on the telephone or in the web frontend.

    On the phone as well as on the web interface, it is possible to individually adjust all known features on the phone by switching to the admin mode.

    The SwyxIt! Softclient continues to synchronize name keys in the direction of the telephones.
  • Improved access protection for certified Yealink phones (T4xS)
    With the installation of V11.50 an individual Yealink Phone Admin password is generated for each SwyxWare instance. The admin password cannot be changed and can be read out via the Swyx Control Center SCC as system admin. The password is automatically provisioned to the phones at the latest 24 hours after installation.
  • Improved interoperability with Jabra Audio devices
    By integrating the latest Jabra SDK, the known bug that Jabra headsets do not ring on a call is solved. Swyx recommends to install the Jabra Direct middleware provided by Jabra when using Jabra devices.
  • Default Unify firmware version updated
    The standard Unify firmware version for the L6x series phones has now been updated to V1 R3.9.0.
  • Swyx Control Center SCC - Improvements
    • The administration of SwyxWare conference rooms has been simplified. Conference room numbers and access pins can now be managed in SCC without using the Graphical Script Editor.
    • Yealink phones can now be more easily assigned to users by extending the import function.
    • In addition to uploading MAC addresses, a combination of MAC address and user is now also possible.
    • User images can now be configured centrally by the administrator in the SCC.
    • o Many settings of the SwyxIt! client can be configured centrally in the SCC by the system administrator, e.g. skin, ringtones, general rules of conduct (always on top, pop on ringing, ...).

  • General improvements
    • Welcome email to users now includes download link to SwyxIt! to simplify installation
    • 10 new Provider Profiles
    • Improved navigation to readme files and online help


Further details and information about bug fixes can be found in the attached Release Notes.

A summary of all previous SwyxWare versions can be found here:


To update from a  SwyxWare version prior of 11.x to SwyxWare update licenses are required.

To update from SwyxWare 11.x to SwyxWare you don't need update licenses. Further information on this can be found in the following knowledgebase article:


If you are running a SwyxStandby system you need to update according the following knowledgebase article:


Please read also the included README files for further information.


As far as software supplied or used by us, includes open source elements the additional terms under apply in addition. An overview which products from the Swyx portfolio include open source elements and which open source license is relevant can be found under

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