SwyxWare 11.40 release is being recalled (kb5248)

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Since the release of SwyxWare 11.40 unfortunately has critical bugs, the release of the version is hereby recalled! The following errors can occur in the version:
  • When performing an installation from scratch, the trunk is first set up with "Deny all Calls"
  • With some SIP providers calls are cancelled due to incorrect SIP handling.
  • AdHoc conferences cannot be initiated in some cases.
There are conditional workarounds for the mentioned malfunctions:
  • The trunk properties can be changed from "deny all calls" to "internal calls" under "Trunk group properties"/"Rights"
  • There may be SIP providers where the above mentioned behavior does not occur.
If an error situation cannot be solved with Workarounds we recommend a downgrade to SwyxWare 11.38. For this purpose:
  • Uninstall SwyxWare 11.40 before reinstalling 11.38.
  • If you have updated to SwyxWare 11.40, you can restore the database backup which was automatically created by ConfigWizard at the time of the update to restore the old state.
In order to solve the mentioned problems completely, we are already working at full speed on a subsequent version and will inform you as soon as it is available.
For SwyxON already appropriate measures has been taken on the platform side so that these errors do not affect users there.


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