Important information for users of Swyx Mobile 2015 with iOS 12 (kb5132)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Swyx Mobile 2015 for iOS

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The iOS app Swyx Mobile 2015 will no longer work in conjunction with iOS 12, or will only function to a limited extent. Apple only allows updates for apps that support push notifications, which is not the case for Swyx Mobile 2015.

We would therefore like to draw the attention of customers working with this app version to the following possible solutions at an early stage:

  1. Not to update the existing device to iOS 12 to allow further use of the app. Please note that a downgrade may not be possible for newly purchased devices after the introduction of iOS 12.
  2. Updating the server software to use the current Swyx Mobile App in conjunction with iOS 12.

We recommend updating the server software to benefit from new functionalities. These are in particular push notifications, CallKit integration, Apple Watch support and a reduced power consumption of the app.

Swyx Mobile for iOS (SwyxWare 11 or higher)


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