SwyxIt! Client SDK (kb5010)

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One strength of SwyxIt! is the possibility of integration into 3rd party software. This allows starting calls from CRM software or popping up screens depending on the caller id. It is even possible to build systems for predictive dialing. SwyxIt! provides two ways of integration into 3rd party applications: TAPI and Client SDK. Both interfaces allow at least basic call control. If there are no special reasons for using TAPI (e.g. an existing TAPI application), we recommend to use the Client SDK. Using Client SDK you may use any call control options of SwyxIt!.
The central module on a client PC is the Client Line Manager (CLMgr.exe). All applications like SwyxIt!, Swyx Client TSP, Swyx Outlook Addin and third party applications are running on top of the Client Line Manager. For this the Client Line Manager provides a COM interface one can use for controlling lines (establish calls, switch lines, ...).
The Client SDK includes a documentation, documented interface definition (CLMgrPub.idl) and some example applications in Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic and Visual Basic Script.


For detailed information about the SDK please read the documents that are included in every SDK package.

Swyx provides technical support for this SDK through the Technology Alliance Program only.
If you have questions or feedback please contact form on that page.

SDK versions
The SwyxWare 11 SDK (or newer SDKs) can be found at the end of this article.
Older SDK versions have an own Knowledge Base article which can be found here:


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