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This article provides an overview of all released SwyxWare versions. Here you will find a list of the most important features of each SwyxWare product version.


current product version

SwyxWare 11

SwyxWare Version 11.41:

(Note: After the release 11.40 was recalled on 07.05.2019 due to critical problems, SwyxWare 11.41 fixes these bugs. The new features and bugfixes are from version 11.40)
  • P-Early Media
  • DATEV enhancements: Automated and manual transfer of call data to DATEV is now possible even after a call has ended
  • Office 64-bit support: Interworking of SwyxIt! and Microsoft Office is now supported with 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2016 and 2019 (Support of the 32bit MS Office Versions remains as specified before, Office 2007 - 2019)
  • SCC Enhancements
    • Generation of the Self-Signed certificates during the installation
    • Refactored grid filtering
    • Extended multilanguage support (German, English, Italian, French, Dutch)
    • Phone manager service configuration
    • Voicemail configuration as a part of the global System and default settings
    • Bulk upload of the Desk-Phones (MAC Addresses)
    • Configuration of the default provisioning URL
  • Visual Groups 1.1.2: Latest OCX file included in SwyxIt! Client setup

SwyxWare Version 11.38:

  • Swyx Meeting: Possibility to use Swyx Meeting as new collaboration method out of SwyxIt!
  • SwyxIt! Update Notifier: Administrator ruled possibility to inform SwyxIt! users about the availability of new SwyxIt! versions and offer a direct link to install the new version (needs activation by administrator)
  • Windows Server 2019: Support of Windows Server 2019

SwyxWare Version 11.35:

  • Intersite Presence: Intersite Presence signalling in hybrid scenario (SwyxWare on premises + SwyxON)
    (Requires On Premises installation of SwyxWare or higher)
  • Stability Enhancements: SwyxOn related stability Enhancements

SwyxWare Version 11.32:

  • Push Notification Service: New version 1.0.17, Fixed: improved reachability in case of network switches
  • Yealink phones: Support of TAP certified Yealink Conference Phones 

SwyxWare Version 11.31:

  • Swyx Control Center (SCC) Improvements The handling of the CDR settings and download was improved and extended. 

SwyxWare Version 11.30:

  • Swyx Control Center (SCC): Comfortable administration of the certain SwyxWare server settings including of certified SIP Phones extended by the configuration of CDRs, Groups and Locations.

SwyxWare Version 11.25:

  • Yealink phones: Support of Yealink SIP T4xS Desk phones with Swyx Server feature (License “Feature Pack for certified SIP phones” is required)
  • Swyx Control Center (SCC): Comfortable administration of the certain SwyxWare server settings in-cluding of certified SIP Phones Online
  • SIP Provider Profiles: Additional SIP Service Provider Profiles: NetCom BW, Peoplefone, Serveurcom, Net-cloud
  • UPN login: New additional authentication option for users through a Unique Principal Name. 

SwyxWare Version 11.20:

  • GDPR (DSGVO) compliance
    • CDR regarding GDPR compliant
    • Server Log file and change log regarding GDPR compliant. Configuration of Log file GDPR compliant.
    • Added GDPR to documentation
    • SwyxIt! Log file Regarding GDPR compliant
  • VisualGroups - Latest OCX file included in SwyxIt! setup

SwyxWare Version 11.10:

  • Integration of the Push Notifications service for Android devices
  • New GUI script for SwyxExpress
  • New firmware for SwyxPhone L615, L640, L660 (V3 R0.40.0)
  • New firmware for SwyxPhone L62, L64, L66 (V1 R1.13.0)
  • Support of multicolor LEDs for SwyxPhone L62, L64, L66 for status signalling
  • Support of Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Extensions for SwyxConnector for Skype for Business

SwyxWare Version 11.00:

  • SwyxPhones L60 - New Phone types L62, L64 and L66 with new firmware are integrated now
  • SwyxPLUS VisualGroups - Provides an intelligent, visual queuing functionality for SwyxWare
  • Push Notification Service - Enables push notifications and Call-Kit Integration for "Swyx Mobile for iOS" (v2.0.0)
  • Swyx Configuration Planner - Central Webservice to predefine and export a SwyxWare configuration
  • Property Cloning - Cloning properties of a user to a group of users
  • SwyxIt! HD and UHD Skins - New Skins for high resolution displays
  • Support for current versions of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Server or Microsoft Exchange

previous product versions

SwyxWare Version 2015

SwyxWare Version 2015 R4


  • TLS support for Deutsche Telekom SIP trunks
  • Deutsche Telekom vSDP support over Deutsche Telekom SIP trunks
  • Deutsche Telekom DIP/VD Trunks are working without additional number normalization in SwyxWare
  • Stability Improvements
  • Better automatic detection of in call presence status
  • New reseller profile for larger installations
  • Creating mails from speed dial key improved
  • Configuring feature profiles from powershell
  • Notifications in Eventlog for sync issues between SwyxWare sites
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Support 

SwyxWare Version 2015 R3:

  • Release of Swyx Connector for Skype for Business V1.0
  • General support of Next Generation Swyx Clients
  • Integration of Aurenz for SwyxWare
  • Integration of C4B XPhone Connect Directory for SwyxPLUS VisualContacts
  • Deutsche Telekom ALL-IP Trunks
  • Jabra Direct
  • Windows 10
  • Stability improvements

SwyxWare Version 2015 R2:

  • Enhancements with respect to security of mobile connections and Swyx RemoteConnector
  • Support for a QOP parameter in the SIP authentication that improves our connectivity with some SIP providers
  • Various performance and stability related improvements as well as overall improvements

SwyxWare Version 2015:

  • Swyx RemoteConnector – enabling secure usage of SwyxIt! outside corporate networks without VPN
  • New SwyxIt! skins with "flat design" (with support for touch screens and HD resolutions)
  • Support for CTI(+) Auto-Answer (based on SIP 3rd Party Call Control with compatible SIP devices)
  • New online based help in SwyxIt!

SwyxWare Version 2013

SwyxWare Version 2013 R6:

  • New QOP parameters for SIP authentication as well as further fixes.

SwyxWare Version 2013 R5:

  • This Service Release includes corrections and fixes.

SwyxWare Version 2013 R4:

  • New Collaboration Plug-In supporting the integration of Teamviewer Collaboration Suite (separate licensing required)
  • Improved pairing of devices with the CTI+ Option
  • Module for bulk administration with Windows PowerShell is now included in the Swyx delivery

SwyxWare Version 2013 R3:

  • Improved SIP Connect v1.1 compatibility
  • The new feature "Office Communication AddIn"
  • SwyxIt! ist now integrated in Microsoft Office applications. See the SwyxIt! presence status of Microsoft Office contacts using SwyxWare in the Outlook e-mail header. Initiate meetings via the contact card or get in touch by using an alternative e-mail address. See the presence status of Swyx users who made modifications to a document and call them concerning the amendments that have been made directly from the application
  • SwyxMobile: Optimised caching of contacts, shorter startup times and an offline mode. Optimised for the newest iPhone devices. Users can create their own individual user picture by using the mobile camera

SwyxWare Version 2013 R2:

  • Easier to install, easier to update: Updates are now made available as complete installation packages for Server, Admin and Client components. This makes new installations or updates easy because patches or fixes do not need to be installed consecutively
  • Shorter update cycles – new features included: Beside major product releases, updates are now available on a quarterly basis. These updates can also include new funcionality for your SwyxWare installation
  • Change management of administrative tasks: Configuration changes are now tracked within the SwyxWare Administration. This makes it easy to identify misconfigurations or unauthorised changes
  • Improved security: Enable administrator to force user password changes, set requirements for user password complexity level, lock user accounts after failed login attempts

SwyxWare Version 2013:

  • SwyxCTI+ turns every telephone into a smart phone
  • SwyxDECT 500: The mobile solution for your office
  • More comfort: Listen to voicemails comfortably
  • Maximum compatibility: Windows 8, Outlook 2013, Server 2012, SQL 2012
  • More flexibility: New contact management in SwyxIt!
  • SwyxIt! P280 handset: Elegant design „made in Germany“
  • VisualContacts: Effortlessly integrate the applications of your choice
  • Virtualised effortlessly! With VMWare, Hyper-V or Xen.

SwyxWare Version 2011

SwyxWare Version 2011 R2 MP1:

  • SwyxPLUS VisualContacts: Integration of ESTOS MetaDirectory which allows to show call-specific contact data
  • Support of Hook-function for SwyxIt! Headset H360 (Plantronics CS60)
  • Support of Hook-function for SwyxIt! Handset P230

SwyxWare Version 2011 R2:

Amongst the new features of "SwyxWare 2011 R2" are greater innovation and flexibility with USB devices, enhanced collaboration and the introduction of plug-ins so that an increasing choice of third party hardware can be used with SwyxWare. There are no additional costs for customers to take advantage of these new features:
  • Flexible Plug-In concept for support additional USB devices
  • Introduction of preconfigured Audio Modes (Handset, Headset, Free Speaking, Open Listening, Mute) supports one-click configuration during a conversation
  • Easy access of Audio Modes with new SwyxIt! interface
  • Support of video communication with CTI-Mode
  • Instant Messaging, Video and Collaboration via SwyxLink connections (across locations)

SwyxWare Version 2011:

Regardless of whether you are already using SwyxWare inhouse or you have just decided on a Swyx Unified Communications solution: SwyxWare 2011 is your milestone for perfect business communications. SwyxWare 2011 provides you with a wide range of new service features, which will make your company more effective, faster and more productive:
  • More secure: Individually configurable voice data encryption using SRTP
  • Higher specification: High Definition Audio gives outstanding voice quality
  • More productive: Extended status signaling (Rich Presence) which is extremely simple to use
  • More attractive: Voicemail and CTI are included in the standard feature set with SwyxWare 2011
  • Faster: SwyxWare 2011 is the highest-performance SwyxWare ever
  • More flexible: Single-user licenses allow licensing precisely according to needs.

SwyxWare Version 7

SwyxWare Version 7.05:

  • SwyxWare Version 7.05 expands Unified Communications with Online Collaboration and video telephony. Beyond this the Collaboration Pack supports several new headsets and the new SwyxPhone L615:
  • Online Collaboration:
    • Swyx Netviewer Integration
    • SwyxIt! Meeting
  • Video-telephony with SwyxIt! Video
  • Collaboration Plug-In Interface
  • Support of new devices (new, innovative Headsets and the SwyxPhone L615)

SwyxWare Version 7:

SwyxWare Version 7 takes Unified Communications to the next level. Highlights of this major release are:
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Server 2008
  • Enhanced multi site support: Status signalling between several SwyxServer installations
  • Seamless SwyxFax Integration
  • Integration into IBM Lotus Notes as a new SwyxWare Option Pack
  • plus several new features and enhancements...

SwyxWare Version 6

SwyxWare Version 6.20:

SwyxWare Version 6.20 offers many innovations in devices, Fixed Mobile Convergence (SwyxMobile) and administration:
  • New SwyxPhone Series: The new SwyxPhones L620, L640. L660 and L680 are distinguished by distinctively modern and simultaneously ergonomic design.
  • Microsoft Active Directory Integration: Also new in Version 6.20 is integration into the Microsoft Active Directory management tools. This makes the administration much simpler, especially for larger SwyxWare installations.
  • Support of dual-mode mobile phones: SwyxIt! Mobile becomes still more flexible. Owners of all new Nokia Smartphones are able to phone within SwyxIt! Mobile via SIP/WLAN too. And all the familiar features of Swyxit! Mobile (e.g. Hold, Call Swap, Conversation Recording, Conference, Forwarding configuration) can also be used in SIP mode!

SwyxWare Version 6.12:

SwyxWare Version 6.12 is available for SwyxWare Essential, SwyxWare Compact and Hosted SwyxWare software implementations and offers a range of interesting and practical new features. A short summary is detailed below:
  • SwyxIt! Messenger: Be able to send your SwyxIt! co-workers an Instant Message. This is enabled through the new feature: SwyxIt! Messenger, which is available free of charge with the SwyxIt! softphone
  • SwyxIt! Web Extension: This free of charge capability provides a tool for Web content to be shown within the SwyxIt! skin
  • SwyxIt! Mobile V2.00: Shipped together with SwyxWare V6.12, delivers on many feature requests from customers and partners. SwyxIt! Mobile is now available for the BlackBerry (RIM) platform
  • SwyxWare Compact: SwyxMobile is now available as a standard feature within SwyxWare Compact
  • SwyxIt! Dialler for S315: The new SwyxIt! Dialler mode enables the control of a SwyxPhone S315 via SwyxIt!
  • Voicemail and Fax Improvements: Voicemail functionality has been extended in a number of ways and makes better direct access possible for frequently used functions

SwyxWare Version 6.11:

  • Integrated version of SwyxWare Essential/Compact and Hosted SwyxWare: SwyxWare V6.11 is the first SwyxWare release which integrates all three different SwyxWare product variants in a single package. This means the Hosted SwyxWare variant, the SwyxWare Compact CPE variant (for businesses with up to 10 users) and the SwyxWare Essential CPE variant (for businesses with 10s or 100s of employees) can be installed from a single resource. This allows the customer to benefit from the same level of technology and wide range of features, no matter which platform they choose
  • Limit the number of users for a Feature Profile
  • Limit the number of conference rooms: The two enhanced configuration options mentioned above provide the possibility to limit the number of users which can be assigned to a SwyxWare Feature Profile, and to limit the number of Conference Rooms which can be created in a SwyxWare installation. Especially for Hosted SwyxWare these settings offer an additional configuration option to define the self configuration possibilities provided for the Customer Administrator
  • Special IP address handling schema for Hosting: SwyxWare v6.11 contains various enhancements in the field of the IP address handling to support special hosting scenarios
  • Support for SX2-express QuadBRI ISDN board for PCI-Express Bus
  • Customised context menu entries for 3rd party applications at Speed Dials in SwyxIt!

SwyxWare Version 6.10:

  • SwyxMobile delivers Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). Mobile access to supplementary services, e.g.  call hold, swap, conference, record conversations, change call forwardings. Easy reachability via the office extension („One-Number - concept“). The additional SwyxIt! Mobile Clients are available for the mobile platforms ‘Symbian’ and ‘Windows Mobile’. SwyxMobile is part of the SwyxProfessional Option Pack and can be also purchased as separate Option
  • The new SwyxPhone S315 is a cost-effective SIP phone that provides all the advantages of IP-telephony
  • The new SwyxPhone L420p and L520p offer an integrated 10/100 base-T Mini-Switch. The in-built headphone connector provides optimal flexibility for power users
  • New Web Browser-based Administration tool. This tool provides remote configuration of most settings without the need to access the Microsoft Management Console onsite
  • Improved administration: administration profile, feature profile and bulk administration make the administrator’s daily work easier. Better bandwith-management between different sites Source-based Routing allows better management of calls
  • Feature Codes. Enables all devices with DTMF capability to use specific SwyxWare functionality (e.g. remote inquiry or call forwardings)
  • Some essential software design improvements in SwyxWare 6.10: optimised caching, automated compression, simplified Back-Up

SwyxWare Version 6.0:

  • SwyxWare Essential - the natural successor to SwyxWare v5.01, providing an extendable IP telephony platform for businesses of all sizes
  • SwyxWare Compact - for small businesses and autonomous branch offices with up to 10 employees
  • SwyxConnect - an innovative and comprehensive ‘full service’ branch solution that enables SwyxWare to be utilised in smaller subsidiary or branch offices
  • New Option Packs: SwyxConference (including Conference Rooms/Conference bridge and conferences with more than 3 participants), SwyxRecord (for user initiated call recording), and SwyxVoicemail
  • SwyxProfessional Option Pack - combining Conferencing, CTI, ECR, Fax, (ad hoc) Recording, and VoiceMail Option Packs in a cost effective bundle
  • SwyxMonitor Option Pack: ‘Permanent call recording’ on any trunk line plus silent call intrusion by supervisors
  • SwyxStandby Option Pack: fall-back server solution for business continuity
  • A very wide range of new SwyxWare features covering enhancements to multi-site support, SIP support, hunt groups, administration, call control and management, business continuity, and integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • SwyxIt! Now - a highly-featured, standalone SIP client that provides business telephony features normally only found on telephone systems sold to high-end businesses. (This solution will be provided to small businesses and consumers via service provider channels under OEM agreements with Swyx.)

SwyxWare Version 5

SwyxWare Version 5.0:


  • Connections to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) using SIP trunking
  • Support of Telephone Number Mapping (ENUM)
  • Support of Simple Traversal of UDP over NATs (STUN)
  • Voice compression G.729a
  • Support of new telephony devices such as SwyxPhone L520s/L540 with Self Labelling Keys, additional key modules T520


  • Call deflection
  • Import/export function for personal phonebook
  • HiFi ringtones
  • New skin functionality: display of call history, e.g. for operators, easy volume adjustment with new slider objects
  • Support of the new wireless headset H360

SwyxWare Version 4

SwyxWare Version 4.33:

  • Support of Call Transfer functionality for KIRK IP-DECT Fallback SwyxServer support for SwyxPhone models

SwyxWare Version 4.31:


  • Support for Windows XP Service Pack 2
  • Support for KIRK IP DECT system
  • Support of analog lines
  • Support of new SwyxPhone L420e, L420s, L440
  • Improvements to SwyxPhone L400 user interface


  • Improvements for Windows Terminal Server
    • TAPI for Windows Terminal Server
    • CTI per default
    • Keine Farbmodus-Restriktionen, Server-Paket enthält spezielle Terminal Server Skin
    • Logoff from SwyxServer when Terminal Client session is disconnected, logon when the session is reconnected
    • Local SwyxIt!, controlled via CTI (by SwyxIt! running in terminal session): no pop up, no response to hotkeys, different (black) tray icon, no tray icons for inbound calls, no Balloon Tips on tray icon
  • Configuration of HookOff for headset
  • Configuration of a substitute number (fake extension) on a line by the Administrator (using a different extension for outbound calls).
  • Tool tip of a line displays short call history (information about tried transfers)

SwyxWare Version 4.30:

  • Auto Attendant Additional device information for logged in users New default Skin New PhoneController Service Support of new SwyxPhone L400

SwyxWare Version 4.20:

  • Support of Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Control SwyxPhone or SwyxIt! from another SwyxIt!
  • Callback requests
  • Compress voicemail attachments (PCM, GSM, G.711, user-definded)
  • New or changed script API functions:
    • WaitForDisconnect, Hold, Activate, Disconnect
    • Hand control to destination script in ConnectTo
    • End RecordMessage with an arbitrary, configurable DTMF key or when silence is detected
    • Abort ConnectTo with an arbitrary, configurable DTMF key
    • Use a user-defined sound file instead of alert tone during ConnectTo
    • Specify start position in PlayMessage function
  • Edit current calls phone call list entry from script
  • Using MSDE 2000 as default database engine
  • Deleting of arbitrary phonecall/redial list entries
  • Call back Request, Call back on Busy, Call back on "speaking" speed dial
  • Manually disabled lines keep disabled after logon/logoff
  • Configuration of acoustic second call signalling
  • Configuration of "Silent" call signalling
  • Configuration of transfer via "HookOn"
  • Voicemail Inquiry from SwyxIt!
  • New hotkeys for minimize, conference, pickup group call, call back request, pickup call back and dialling from any application
  • Caller list, redial list: allow deleting single entries
  • New resizable lists, save and restore column width (phone book, caller list, redial list, my call back requests, recordings)
  • Send E-mail from caller list
  • Advanced ringing sound configuration (number depending ringing)
  • Allow 99 line keys

SwyxWare Version 4.10:

  • Conference Manager
  • Extended Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • File Caching on SwyxIt! and within SwyxServer to improve performance
  • Disabling lines for incoming calls (SwyxIt!)
  • Dialing out of each Microsoft Windows Application
  • User changeable PIN for Remote Inquiry
  • Standard Remote Inquiry
  • Setting Standard Redirection from Remote
  • Movable Standard Redirection Rules within the Call Routing Manager
  • Displaying incoming calls, improved Pop-Up configuration (SwyxIt!)
  • Configurable Line Echo Cancellation within SwyxIt!

SwyxWare Version 4.0:

  • Intersite-coupling of sites with several SwyxServers
  • Connecting home offices/external extensions
  • Connecting small offices without own SwyxServer or SwyxGate
  • Data compression
  • Fax over IP (T.38)
  • Supporting data connections on internal ISDN port (exception: X.31 (X.25 in D channel), precondition: Internal ISDN conduit is in the gateway)
  • Forwarding of charging information to internal ISDN ports
  • Automatic watchdog
  • SwyxWare administration displays all active connections (external + internal)
  • Remote voicemail inquiry from any phone (by access to mail server, IMAP4)
  • Optical display of new voicemails on SwyxPhone
  • "External" users in global phonebook
  • Extended Call Detail Records
  • Automatic server configuration (via DHCP or DNS)
  • Fallback (backup) server
  • Remote voicemail inquiry
  • Acoustic indication of new voicemails by changed dialling tone
  • Editable display
  • Improved file caching
  • Voice compression
  • Choice of Outlook Contact Folder
Option Pack Extended Call Routing:
  • Several new blocks
  • Use of logic expressions
  • Insertion of own Visual Basic Script Code (e.g. to access data bases)
  • Improved line management
  • Restricted use of GSE
  • Different groups of toolbars

SwyxWare Version 3

SwyxWare Version 3.20:

  • Internal S0
  • Conversation recording (manually/automatic)
  • Application Sharing with a mouse click during conversation
  • Choice of any Outlook Contact Folder to identify caller
  • Display of name from Outlook Contacts in SwyxIt!'s display and lists
  • Free assignment of MSN/extensions for outgoing calls
  • Mapping of project numbers to outgoing calls
  • Call restrictions
  • Advice of charge from the ISDN
  • Configuration of CDRs via MMC
  • SwyxWare Option Pack SwyxFax
  • SwyxWare Option Pack Extended Call Routing

SwyxWare Version 3.0:

  • SwyxServer and SwyxGate available for LINUX
  • Call Detail Records
  • Editable LCR tables
  • Support of 4xS0 gateways
  • Secretariate configuration
  • Support of SwyxIt! Handset USB
  • Automatic redial
  • Choice of sound devices for phoning and ringing tones
  • SwyxIt! supports 'Always on top' functionality
  • Volume control within SwyxIt!
  • Copy and paste of action and information keys between skins
  • Library skin
  • New skin designs, new preconfigured skins (e.g. poweruser, operator)

SwyxWare Version 2

SwyxWare Version 2.0:

  • Call Routing Manager
  • Follow Me-Actions depending on Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • Status signalling on name keys
  • Caller identification by Microsoft Outlook Contacts
  • Logging of all calls in Microsoft Outlook Journal
  • Support of comfort functions with SwyxPhone
  • Group functionality
  • New skins

SwyxWare Version 1

SwyxWare Version 1.0:

  • Voicemail
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice codecs per G.711
  • Administration per Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
  • Individual user skins
  • Skin editors
  • Comfort functions (call park, swap, pcik-up, transfer)
  • Blockdialing and overlap sending
  • Fax and DTMF support (SwyxGate)
  • Hook on/off support
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Support of H.323 clients
  • Caller and redial lists
  • Phone book with status signalling
  • and many more


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