SIP Provider HFO Telecom (DE) (kb4990)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 11

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Information und configuration hints for SIP provider HFO Telecom, NGN (Germany).


General information

The NGN accesses from HFO Telecom are SIP trunks with user authentication. You will receive information to register the SIP trunk.
IMPORTANT: The SIP trunk from HFO Telecom can only be used from SwyxWare 11 on.


During creation of the SIP trunkgroup, profile 'HFO Telecom (DE)' has to be selected.
During the following creation of the actual SIP trunk, when providing the registration information, in the fields 'User ID' and 'Username' the 'Benutzername' from the HFO Telecom documents have to be entered.

Tested Features

  • Incoming/outgoing national calls
  • Incoming/outgoing international calls
  • Correct Calling Line Identification (CLI) on national and international calls
  • CLIP No Screening
  • Holding and retrieving calls
  • Toggeling between two calls
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Mutually supported codecs:
    • G.711A
    • G.711u
    • G.722
    • T.38 for FAX transmission
  • Incoming/outgoing DTMF signaling in accordance with via RFC2833
  • Fax transmission via T.38


Test date:
14/09/2017 with SwyxWare

Overview of tested SIP provider


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