SwyxIt! Lotus Notes Integration - Troubleshooting Guide and recommendations (kb4960)

The information in this article applies to:

  • Lotus Domino v8.5
  • Lotus Notes v8.5
  • SwyxIt! all versions
  • IBM/Lotus Notes 9

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This article will help you to solve the most common problems of the SwyxIt! Lotus Notes integration.


Important note for the usage of big and/or self-created/custom databases
The SwyxIt! Lotus Notes Integration provides access to contact-/address entries in Notes default databases (e.g. names.nsf) as well as in self-created/custom databases. The usage of self-created/custom databases or databaes with more than 1000 entries can lead to performance issues. To avoid these issues we highly recommend to use our LDAP based solution Visual Contacts for the database access. More information regarding Visual Contacts can be found on the following website: SwyxPlus VisualContacts Option

Common configuration mistakes

  • SwyxIt! Lotus Notes integration licenses are missing.
  • The Lotus Notes integration was not selected for installation during the SwyxIt! setup.
  • The Lotus Notes integration was installed together with the Outlook integration. This is not supported and can cause that none of the integrations work.
  • Wrong application start order: We recommend to start Lotus Notes first and then SwyxIt!.

Common problems and solutions

1. Problem
The Lotus Notes client reacts slowly or is "frozen" once the SwyxIt! client was started

Possible reason and solution 1
This issue is often caused by serverside database which contain a lot of entries (more than 1000). In such a case we recommend to use the SwyxPlus VisualContacts Option for those databases.

Possible reason and solution 2
You are using the SwyxIt! Calendar Appointment Detection. By activating this feature SwyxIt! searches every minute for a new or updated appointment in the Lotus Notes calendar of the user. The problem could be solved by increasing the search interval. Therefore you have to modify the following Windows registry key:

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Swyx\SwyxIt!\CurrentVersion\Options
Name: AppointmentDetectionInterval
Default value decimal: 60000 (60000 milliseconds = 1 minute)
Recommended value decimal: 300000 (300000 milliseconds = 5 minutes)

You can also deactivate the feature completely. You can achieve this via the SwyxIt! Local Settings or by changing the following Windows registry key:

Path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Swyx\SwyxIt!\CurrentVersion\Options
Name: AppointmentDetection
Default value: 1
New value: 0

2. Problem
The Lotus Notes contacts are not displayed in SwyxIt!. This applies for the search field on the SwyxIt! Skin, the SwyxIt! phonebook and the number resolution for incoming phone calls.

Possible reason and solution
The configuration of the SwyxIt! Lotus Notes Integration is incomplete or invalid. Therefore please read the following chapters in SwyxWare Administration manual:

How to configure the Lotus Notes integration

How you save and distribute the database configuration

Please note that the name of the Notes configuration XML file must not be changed. It must be "NotesDbDefaults.xml" in every case.

Further assistance

If your problem persists or a solution is not listed here, please contact your SwyxWare sales partner. If the problem is forwarded to us by your partner we need the following informationen for Lotus Notes Support Tickets:

  • Which SwyxWare Version is used (e.g. SwyxWare 2015 R40.3)?
  • Which version of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino is used?
  • How many Lotus Notes user has the Lotus environment?
  • How many Lotus Notes user are using SwyxIt!?
  • Are the Lotus Notes client and SwyxIt! running on a terminal server?
    • If yes: How many terminal servers are used?
  • Which functions of the SwyxIt! Lotus Notes integration do you want to use? Which one are very important for you?
  • What exactly does not work? Please describe your problem in detail.
  • Do you use the Lotus Notes Integration for the first time (first time configuration) or does the problem occur after a SwyxWare Update?
    • If update: Did you use the same Lotus Notes version (patches count too) before the SwyxWare Update?
  • What is the usual application start order? First  Lotus Notes than SwyxIt or the other way around?
  • Do you use self-created/custom databases?
    • If yes: How many entries are in those databases?
  • Do you use standard Notes databases like the  "names.nsf"?
    • If yes: How many entries are in those databases?


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