Swyx Mobile for iOS Version 1.3.0 available (kb4905)

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Release Notes Version 1.3.0
This is the general availability for all external customers via Apple iTunes Store.

For the Swyx Mobile for IOS client to operate, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:
  • Apple iOS device (iPhone) with iOS 9.3 or newer
  • SwyxWare 2015 R3.2 / NetPhone 2015 R2.2 or “DeLAN Swyx II Rel. 1.2”. Enhanced presence information is available only with server side installation of SwyxWare 2015 R3.2.2/NetPhone 2015 R2.2.2 (or later)
New Features & Improvements
  • Differ presence status ‘busy’ from ‘in a call’
  • Consistent use of blue and white presence indication during calls
  • Pull to refresh
  • Filter possibility (all/missed/outgoing) on Recents screen
  • Possibility to overrule general ‘hide my number’ setting for the next outgoing call
  • Possibility to select a phone number from the recents list when transferring a call or starting a secondary call or entering a forwarding destination
  • Possibility to delete multiple favourites in edit mode
  • Possibility to enter DTMF digits in a call via paste
  • Possibility to access the voicemail box from the keypad (long-press on ‘1’)
  • Display of contact source and number types on Contact Details screen
  • Bugfixes

Fixed Issues

  • 100545 In favorite detail Page, copy option is not available
  • 100544 In favorites detail page under 'Profile' section, tapping on call icon call is not able initiate.
  • 100836 User is not notified about the failure update from server via pull-to-refresh
  • 100867 Favorites re-position is incorrectly placed
  • 100869 App crashed on re-positioning the favorites.
  • 100998 iOS: Sorting of favorites does not work properly
  • 100615 No limit is set to paste the DTMF strings into Keypad screen while in a call
  • 100501 Call gets initiated in recents details page under 'Calls' tab, while clicking on "call options" in context menu.
  • 98208 While on call, presence status changes from BUSY to AVAILABLE changing foreground to background.
  • 98583 iOS: Sorting of favourites still active when leaving and coming back to the app
  • 98594 iOS: App freeze with concurrent incoming calls of SwyxMobile and GSM
  • 98629 iOS: The deletion of recent lists entries does not work always
  • 60452 iOS: Not all internal appointment codes are replaced with localized text
  • 60334 Blank contact details are displayed while reconnecting with the same server variant
  • 98406 Call disconnects and app looses connection, while switching between fore-ground to background
  • 100179 Missing info 'user=phone' in the To-Header of the SIP message
Known Issues
  • Using the Swyx app with a SwyxWare Advance server, the handover of an ongoing call to a different device of the same user is not possible
  • In case the iPhone is locked or the Swyx app is in the background when switching networks, it may take up to 20 minutes before the app reconnects on its own. During this period, the app will not register/display incoming calls. As a workaround the user may unlock the iPhone, open the Swyx app and manually select either of the 3 online statuses to reconnect the iPhone to the server.


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