Windows 10 Update Builds may require a new installation of SwyxIt! (kb4866)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2015 R30.5.0
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R30.4.0
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.2.2
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.2
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.1
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R2
  • SwyxIt! 2015

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Windows 10 Microsoft has introduced a new updating mechanism for major updates such as the "Anniversary Update" (Build 1607). This is a new installation of the operating system with subsequent transfer of the user data from the previous installation. This transfer does not always work smoothly and SwyxIt! must be reinstalled. In most installations this will work autmatically if the installation files are available at the first time you start SwyxIt! after the update. Otherwise you need to reinstall SwyxIt! manually.
This behavior also occurs with other applications and is not a problem of the SoftClient SwyxIt!
Until now SwyxIt! is officially released for Windows 10 build 1511 only.


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