Swyx Mobile for Android Version 1.1.1 available (kb4865)

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Release Notes Version 1.1.1
This is the general availability for all external customers via Google Play Store.
For the Swyx Mobile for IOS client to operate, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:
  • Android smartphone with Android 4.4 or newer
  • SwyxWare 2015 R3.2 / NetPhone 2015 R2.2 or “DeLAN Swyx II Rel. 1.2”. Enhanced presence information is available only with server side installation of SwyxWare 2015 R3.2.2/NetPhone 2015 R2.2.2 (or later).
  • Existing transparent network connection between client and SwyxWare server
  • Stability improvements
  • Possibility to put an existing/ongoing call on hold by tapping on the profile picture
  • Improved sorting of Contact list
  • Improved display of calls in the recents list: compressed display of multiple consecutive calls to/from same number
  • Call signaling now follows the phone settings wrt volume
  • Missed events indicator shown at Swyx app icon
  • Additional access to call forwarding settings
  • Easy configuration of client possible via URL schema
  • Added ability to access and show contact entries from Swyx “global phonebook”
  • Improved handling of presence and offline state
Fixed Issues
  • Call swapping stops working after some time 
  • No error message is displayed for empty user credentials 
  • Wrong number in number field in Recent list 
  • Missed call notification displayed after rejecting call in home screen 
  • Not possible to initiate a GSM call while being offline 
  • Profile Avatar does not change presence status immediately 
  • User not navigated back to favorites screen when tapped once on back button 
  • Unnecessary authentication error message after closing and reopening app 
  • Setting call forwarding makes the presence status offline and never able to change back 
  • Application closes when a call is rejected 
  • Recent list entries takes too long time to display after force quit and relaunch 
  • Backspace in Keypad is not functioning properly 
  • Display of the Presence status around the user profile picture varies for offline users. 
  • Clear(x) button disappears on long press on the icon in the Keypad. 
  • Voice path lost when performing Add call to invalid number. 
  • Local contacts are not removed from Swyx contacts list after deleting them from device. 
  • App moved to background when tapping on back button after tapping on email of contact. 
  • User not navigated back to favorites screen when tapped once on android back button. 
  • Android Client: Terms and Conditions are displayed after updating the app 
  • Presence status not reverting back to original after end of call. 
  • Setting call forwarding makes the presence status offline and never able to change back 
  • App moved to background after tapping outside of mail selection. 
  • Local contacts which have only a company name should be shown 
  • Application crashed while pasting huge text into keypad 
  • The default value for Connection mode in Settings is not displayed 
  • User is able open and explore app while in call 
  • App crashed when user navigates to different screens immediately after phone is switched on 
  • Conference call icon not responding 
  • Call panel shows 2 incoming calls from same user. 
  • App closing after end of a call. 
  • Caller tune muted when user has 2 incoming calls at the same time 
  • Application crashed after changing the device language 
  • Incorrect status of Xing contact when it is not synchronized 
  • User is able to enter username in multiple line in pop up shown when log on failee 
  • Presence status in Favorites screen is unstable 
  • Unwanted Ad-hoc conference 
  • User does not hear hold music 
Known Issues
  • Under certain circumstances a change of the user’s presence status and status text is not persistent
  • ‘Global phonebook’ entries do not disappear after deleting them on server side
  • Back button not working on first tap to navigate back to favorite screen on phones without hardware back button
  • Call to voicemail with code “##10” is shown as unknown entry in recents • On easy call transfer caller sees “##” in callpanel view after called user transfers the call to another device
  • Local contacts which are linked with Whatsapp contacts show the linked number twice in contact details.
  • Buttons of external Bluetooth devices are not supported, yet.



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