Swyx Desktop for Mac OS Version 1.1.4 released (kb4851)

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Release Notes Version 1.1.4
This is the general availability for all external customers via Apple iTunes Store.
For the Swyx Desktop for Mac OS client to operate, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:
  • Apple Mac computer with Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • SwyxWare 2015 R3.2.2 / NetPhone 2015 R2.2 or “DeLAN Swyx II Rel. 1.2”. Enhanced presence information is available only with server side installation of SwyxWare 2015 R3.2.2/NetPhone 2015 R2.2.2 (or later) 
  • Existing transparent network connection between client and SwyxWare server
New Features & Improvements
  • Possibility to set own (device specific) presence status to ‘Offline’
  • Display of recent events and favourites even if user is ‘Offline’
  • ‘Easy configuration settings’
  • Possibility to handover an existing call to other user devices
  • Display of recent calls on the Contact Details page
  • Compression of consecutive identical call events in the Recents list
  • Insertion and deletion of favourites directly from the favourite page
  • Re-allow access to local contacts
  • Change contact sorting A->Z to Z->A
  • Switch display order of firstname-lastname of non-Swyx contacts in Contacts and Recents
  • Improved password change
  • Improved application logging
  • Enable copy& paste in dialpad
  • Display of contacts without firstname and lastname, but with company name
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

Fixed Issues

  • Unable to add a user in an ongoing call
  • Missed calls are not highlighted in RED
  • Call is not initiated when clicked on contact number in contact details screen
  • Swyx Contacts are not sorted in order in contacts list
  • Ticket number and Issue description is not displayed in error report mail
  • Navigation bar does not switch the colour when all calls are forwarded
  • Status message is escaping in contact details
  • Error notification is not displayed when "Forward to" field is empty
  • Changed status text disappears as soon as presence status is changed
  • User is able to enter more than 140 characters of text in status text field.
  • User presence status message is not completely displayed i.e. "140 characters" in con-tact detail screen
  • Unable to answer call when user is in preferences window
  • Unable to access "Terms & Conditions", "Privacy Policy" in minimized mode
  • Contacts call screen is not synchronising for local contacts
  • Activating mute functionality for single call is effected to all other calls
  • Widget view is not responding when preferences window is open
  • Swyx application window expands on its own when user switches between Recents and Favourites tab.
Known Issues
  • Issue quitting the app via keyboard shortcut
  • Under certain circumstances ‘easy configuration’ fails
  • Issue deleting a favourite from the Favourite screen
  • USB and Bluetooth headsets are supported as pure audio devices i.e. no buttons supported
  • ‘On hold’ feature for single call not available, yet


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