H370, H371 and H380 in use with Jabra Direct (kb4755)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.1
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3
  • SwyxIt! Headset H371 (DECT, monaural)
  • SwyxIt! Headset H380 (DECT, monaural)
  • SwyxIt! Headset H370 (DECT, monaural)

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Jabra Direct does not support remote call control for softphones for the Jabra GN 93xx series.


During the replacement by Jabra of Jabra PC Suite through Jabra Direct middleware for the use of some functions of Jabra headsets there are the following restrictions for discontinued headsets H370 (GN9330 USB), H371 (GN9330 USB) and H380 (GN9350):

The mentioned Headsets are discontinued by Swyx via End of life and availability for SwyxIt! Headsets H370, H371 and H391 (kb4445) in 2012 due to the end of Sales by Jabra, but were known to work without restrictions with Jabra suite and SwyxIt!.
Through necessary adjustments within the SwyxIt! Softclient and use of Jabra Direct there are some limitations in the use of the listed Headsets.
Jabra describes the problem encountered on the proper support pages:

Jabra Direct doze support RemoteCallControlDualMode for Softphones Jabra GN 93xx series Hanes.
The previous Jabra PC Suite supports silent RemoteCallControlDualMode, and Can Be Obtained through Jabra Business support.


This means that the hook functionality with Jabra Direct is no longer possible with the listed Headsets since the control of the headset in Softclient is done by the appropriate Jabra middleware. The Jabra PC Suite has been set to EoL by Jabra EOL and is replaced by Jabra Direct.
The hook-functionality of the listed Headets with Swyxware 2015 R3, 2015 R3.1 and upcoming Versions and Jabra-Direct therefore no longer exists.

Swyx recommends the use of follow-up products of the above Headsets (see End of life and availability for SwyxIt! Headsets H370, H371 and H391 (kb4445)). Alternatively the Jabra PC Suite can still be used - however, this is neither tested nor officially supported with SwyxWare 2015 R3, SwyxWare 2015 R3.1, so that no statements about functionalities can be made.


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