Advanced Settings for the RemoteConnector (kb4749)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2015 R3
  • SwyxWare 2015 R2
  • SwyxWare 2015

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With advanced OS settings at the system running SwyxWare, the voice quality can be improved for connections using the RemoteConnector.


Für die Ports 16203 und 57203 kann das Profil "Datacenter" für TCP Verbindungen konfiguriert werden. Dieses Profil reduziert die Retransmission-Timeout-Zeit, und verbessert somit die Sprachqualität sobald ein Paket-Verlust auftritt.

The profile "Datacenter" can be configured for TCP connections to the ports 16203 and 5720. This profile reduces the retransmission timout and hence improves the voice quality as soon as a packet lost happens for the connection.

Open Windows Powershell.

The command Get-NetTCPSetting
displays the available profile. Please compare the parameter MinRto with the profiles 'Internet' and 'Datacenter'.

The command New-NetTransportFilter -SettingName Datacenter -LocalPortStart 16203 -LocalPortEnd 16203 -RemotePortStart 0 -RemotePortEnd 65535
assignes the profile to port 16203.

The command New-NetTransportFilter -SettingName Datacenter -LocalPortStart 57203 -LocalPortEnd 57203 -RemotePortStart 0 -RemotePortEnd 65535
assignes the profile to port 57203.


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