TPP: 3iMedia Queue Controller v4.40 - SwyxWare 2015 (kb4680)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 2015
  • 3iMedia Queue Controller v4.40

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Within the Swyx Technology Programme (TPP) the 3iMedia Queue Controller v4.40 was successfully tested against a SwyxWare 2015 and reaches therefore the certification level certified.


Test environment

Software versions
Tested 3i Media CallQueue
   SwyxQueueController.exe: 4.4.15057.1634
Tested SwyxWare
SwyxWare2015, English
Tested SwyxIt!
SwyxIt!2015, English, German
- Windows 2012, englisch (x64), Version 6.2.9200
- Hardware: Intel Core i5 650 / 4 GByte RAM
- ISDN-board: SX2 Express DualPRI
Client PCs:
- Windows 7, SP1, english/german, x32/x64, Version 6.1.7601
- Windows 8, english/german, x64, Version 6.2.9200
- Windows8.1, german, x64, Version 6.3.9600

Queue test

Test installation
One SwyxWare2015 installation with a 3iMedia CallQueue installation.
Two configured CallQueues, with call delivery to two individual groups with random distributon scheme.
Group members per group:

  • 15 SIP Clients with automatic call handling
  • 10 SwyxIt! 2015 with automatic call handling and  with different installed 3iMedia Skins
Adopted CallQueue parameters:
   Call Connect Time: 40 seconds
   Call instant delivery: 1
One CAPI blaster instance to generate calls via ISDN.
One SIP blaster instance to generate calls via SIP.

Maximum amount of parallel incoming calls via ISDN: 20
Maximum amount of parallel incoming calls via SIP: 20
Call duration: variable between 60 and 90 seconds
Downtime between calls: variable between 2 und 6 seconds
The tested scenario represents a Callcenter with inbound traffic: the external incoming calls via ISDN and SIP are delivered to two script users, processed by the 3i-script and delivered to the specified group and delivered. The call is accepted after a variable waiting time by a group member. After a configured time, the call will be disconnected by the caller or the connected group member.
Testduration: appr. 72 hours
Total number of calls: appr. 215.000
SwyxWare eventlog entries: none
3i Media CallQueue eventlog entries: none
Memory, handles and threads of all services were stable while the test was active. System load was uncritical.
Resources were properly released after test was finished.
The result of these tests are also valid for a Octopus NetPhone 2015
Testing period: 27.02.2015 - 02.03.2015


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