SIP Provider QSC (DE), IPFonie extended connect (kb4642)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxWare 11
  • SwyxWare 2015

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Information und configuration hints for IPFonie extended connect from SIP provider QSC (Germany).


General information

The IPFonie extended connect SIP Trunk from QSC is compatible with the SIPConnect1.1 and BITKOM recommendations about SIP trunking. Additionally, it is possible to handle several number ranges with different area codes.

The IPFonie extended connect SIP trunk is a SIP trunk with user authentication. You have received information about UserID, UserName and UserPassword, whereas the naming may differ, or you might have only received UserName and -password. In this case, UserID and UserName are identical.

The IPFonie extended connect SIP trunk supports encryption of payload and signaling data. This feature is an additional option when ordering the SIP trunk and is first released for SwyxWare 11.

Important: The SIPConnect1.1 and BITKOM recommendations are supported from SwyxWare2013R3 on!


Even though the SIP trunk is able to handle several different area codes, it is only necessary to create one location within the SwyxWare.
During creation of the SIP trunk group, the profile 'QSC IPfonie ext. connect (DE)' must be selected. If the SIP trunk with encryption wants to be used, the profile 'QSC IPfonie ext.conn. TLS (DE)' has to be selected. The newly created location must be assigned to the trunk group. During the inital creation of the actual SIP trunk, only the public number range of the configured location is configured. Additional number ranges with different area codes can later be configured through the properties of the SIP trunk.
If the SIP trunk with encryption shall be used, during the initial creation of the SIP trunk in the codec settings, it is necessary to deactivate T.38 as supported codec, since T.38 cannot be encrypted. The T.38 codec can also be deactivated after creating the SIP trunk.

The newly created location must be configured to a new user to be created, even if the assigned public number does not match that location.

Tested Features

  • Incoming/outgoing national calls
  • Incoming/outgoing international calls
  • Correct Calling Line Identificaion (CLI) on national and international calls
  • CLIP No Screening in accordance with the description above
  • Holding and retrieving calls
  • Toggeling between two calls
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Mutually supported codecs:
    • G.722
    • G.711a
    • G.711µ
    • G.729
    • T.38 for FAX negotiation
  • Incoming/outgoing DTMF signaling in accordance with via RFC2833
  • T.38 Negotiation and FAX transmission (unencrypted only)
  • Encryption of speech and signalling data

Test date:
05/11/2014 with SwyxWare2015
14/09/2017 with SwyxWare 11 (without encryption)
 with SwyxWare 11 (with encryption)

Overview of tested SIP provider


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