SwyxWebAccess 2013 R3 (kb4565)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! Mobile 2013 (iPhone)
  • SwyxIt! Mobile 2013 (Android)
  • SwyxWebAccess 2013 R3
  • SwyxWare 2013 R3

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Swyx releases SwyxWebAccess 2013 R3.


SwyxWebAccess 2013 R3

This version supports SwyxIt! Mobile 2013.

SwyxIt! Mobile 2013

The SwyxIt! Mobile App allows you to have full access to your SwyxWare telephony environment even while traveling, and you can still be reached by one central number if you wish.

Note: You must have SwyxWare 2013 R3 and SwyxWebAccess 2013 R3 with corresponding SwyxMobile licenses in order to use SwyxIt! Mobile.
SwyxIt! Mobile is an application optimized for Android and iPhone, setting up a connection via GPRS, UMTS or WLAN to the SwyxServer. This is a requirement for the use of SwyxIt! Mobile. After logging on to the server, you have access to the Global Phonebook and your Personal Phonebook, as well as your Caller and Redial lists.
For each entry in these lists, you obtain full contact details such as phone numbers, e-mail address, even an image for the contact. You can initiate further actions from these details, such as calling the contact or sending an e-mail.
Within the global contacts in the Swyx Contact Center Mobile, the current status ("logged on", "logged off", "speaking", "away" or "do not disturb") is shown for every SwyxWare user in your company. Since it is possible to present the global phonebooks of multiple SwyxServers in a unified form, cross-server status signaling is achieved.
The features of SwyxIt! Mobile at a glance:
  • Connection to the Swyx Mobile Extension Manager (MEM) via GSM, IP connection to SwyxServer
  • "One Number" concept for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Access to central phonebooks and caller lists, including presence information
  • Access your local iPhone contacts to make calls via SwyxServerServer
  • Set your own status /status text
  • Telephony functions such as call transfer, inquiry, conference, recording via function codes
  • E-mail receipt of voicemail and fax messages
  • Fast Dial via IP connection
  • Requirement: iPhone 3GS or higher, Android Smartphone with version 2.3.3 or higher
New or updated features in SwyxIt! Mobile 2013:
  • Optimised caching of contacts
  • Shorter startup times and an offline mode
  • Optimised for the newest iPhone devices
  • Users can create their own individual user picture by using the mobile camera


SwyxIt! Mobile 2013 for Android is available in

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