TPP: Plantronics Headset Voyager Legend UC - SwyxIt! 2013 (kb4504)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2013
  • SwyxWare 2013
  • Plantronics Headsets

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Within the Swyx Technology Programme (TPP) the Plantronics Headset Voyager Legend UC was successfully tested with aSwyxIt! 2013 and reaches therefore the certification level certified.


1. Test

The Plantronics Voyager Legend UCis a cordless Bluetooth headset, which consists of a USB adapter and a headset. For operation with the SwyxIt!, it is necessary to install the Spoke software for SwyxIt!/NetPhone, which can be downloaded from The installed software allows to set some general Plantronics configuration. It is possible to set some specific configurations for Voyager Legend UC like ringtone, auto answer, audio bandwidth etc.

1.1 Testenvironment

SwyxWare: V2013
SwyxIt!.exe: V9.0.0.108
CLMgr.exe: V9.0.0.126

Spokes Software: V2.8.24304.0

Voyager Legend UC: USB Firmware: 861, USB Adapter: 61.08, Headset: 44.00

HP Compac DC5100 MT, WinXP, SP3
HP Compac 6000 Pro MT, Win7, SP1
HP Compac 6000 Pro MT, Win8

Basic settings:
Windows Default Speaker: Internal Speaker
Windows Default Mikrophone: BT300 (USB adapter of the Voyager Legend UC)

SwyxIt! Headset: BT300 (USB adapter of the Voyager Legend UC)
SwyxIt! Signalling: Internal Speaker
SwyxIt!: No additional ringing on internal speaker

Plantronics: No additional ringing on internal speaker
Voyager Legend UC: Ringtone for PC activated
Voyager Legend UC: auto answer activated
Voyager Legend UC: second inbound call: Ring

1.2 Executed tests

The tests were classified into

  • Installation and configuration
  • Accepting and terminating calls
  • Mute
  • Volume control
  • Unplug and replug of USB adapter
  • Extended functions

The tests completed successfully; the different test PCs or operating systems did not influence the test results.

1.3 Restrictions

The following restrictions were detected during the tests:

  • During an incoming call, only the configured Plantronics ringtone will be played into the Voyager Legend UC. The volume of the ringtone can only be adjusted by the Voyager Legend UC, but not by the SwyxIt! sliders.
  • The audio volume can only be adjusted on the Voyager Legend UC, but not by the SwyxIt! sliders.
  • It is not possible to mute the SwyxIt! by the Voyager Legend UC during an incoming call or in idle state
  • If the SwyxIt! is muted by the SwyxIt! control during an incoming call or in idle state, the Voyager Legend UC does announce this. In this case, if the call is accepted or during call establishment, the call is muted and the Voyager Legend UC plays the corresponding announcement.
  • A second inbound call during an active call is not additionally being signalled by the Voyager Legend UC.
  • It is not possible to completely pause or resume the entire media streaming (incoming and outgoing).
  • It is not possible to reject an incoming call by the Voyager Legend UC.
  • The speech commands of the Voyager Legend UC are not supported by SwyxIt!.
  • If the USB adapter is unplugged during an active call, the call gets terminated. After replugging the USB adapter, the LED on the USB adapter indicates that a call is still active. The call control button on the headset must be pressed twice in order to syncronise the call state, otherwise, the first call wouldn't have any payload.
  • After answering an incoming call may take up to two seconds until the voice connection is established. This delay also occurs during the calibration of the microphone or when recording an announcement for the voicemail.

1.4 Ringing Tones

During in incoming call, only the configured Plantronics ringtone will be played into the Voyager Legend UC . It is not possible to play the specific SwyxIt! ringtone into the Voyager Legend UC. If the ringtone for PC is deactivated in the device specific settings through the Plantronics ControlPanel, no ringtone at all is played into the Voyager Legend UC.

If additional ringing on the internal speaker is configured both via the Plantronics Controlpanel and the SwyxIt!, these ringtones will interfere.

2 Installation and configuration

SwyxIt! 2013 must be installed. Exit SwyxIt!!
Install Plantronics Spokes Software for SwyxIt!/NetPhone.
Plug in the USB adapter to a free USB port.
Start the SwyxIt!
Control and configure the Windows Audio Settings and the SwyxIt! Audio Modes if necessary.


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