TPP: Plantronics Headset Blackwire C420 - SwyxIt! 2013 (kb4500)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2013
  • SwyxWare 2013
  • Plantronics Headsets

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Within the Swyx Technology Programme (TPP) the Plantronics Headset Blackwire C420  was successfully tested with aSwyxIt! 2013 and reaches therefore the certification level certified.


1. Test

The Plantronics Blackwire C420 is a corded USB headset with an integrated inline control. For operation with the SwyxIt!, it is necessary to install the Spoke software for SwyxIt!/NetPhone, which can be downloaded from The installed software allows to set some general Plantronics configuration. There is no device specific configuration for the C420.

1.1 Testenvironment

SwyxWare: V2013
SwyxIt!.exe: V9.0.0.108
CLMgr.exe: V9.0.0.126

Spokes Software: V2.8.24304.0

BlackWire C420: USB Firmware: 90; Base: 00.90

HP Compac DC5100 MT, WinXP, SP3
HP Compac 6000 Pro MT, Win7, SP1
HP Compac 6000 Pro MT, Win8

Basic settings:
Windows Default Speaker: Internal Speaker
Windows Default Mikrophone: Plantronics C420

SwyxIt! Headset:  Plantronics C420
SwyxIt! Signalling: Internal Speaker
SwyxIt!: No additional ringing on internal speaker

Plantronics: No additional ringing on internal speaker

1.2 Executed tests

The tests were classified into

  • Installation and configuration
  • Accepting and terminating calls
  • Mute
  • Volume control
  • Unplug and replug of C420
  • Additional function

The tests completed successfully; the different test PCs or operating systems did not influence the test results.

1.3 Restrictions

The following restrictions were detected during the tests:

  • The volume of the ringing tones can only be adjusted by the C420, using the appropriate configuration dialog or during an incoming call.
  • It is not possible to mute SwyxIt! by the C420 inline control during an incoming call or in idle state. In these cases, the mute LED on the inline control of the C420 is on, but after accepting the call or during call establishment, the SwyxIt! will be unmuted and the mute LED is turned off.
  • If the SwyxIt! is muted by the SwyxIt! control during an incoming call or in idle state, the mute LED on the inline control of the C420 remains off. In this case, if the call is accepted or during call establishment, the mute LED is turn on and the SwyxIt! is muted.
  • It is not possible to hold calls or retrieve held calls by the C420 inline control.

1.4 Ringing Tones

During in incoming call, there is no Plantronics ringtone played to the C420.

If additional ringing on the internal speaker is configured both via the Plantronics Controlpanel and the SwyxIt!, these ringtones will interfere.

2 Installation and configuration

SwyxIt! 2013 must be installed. Exit SwyxIt!!
Install Plantronics Spokes Software for SwyxIt!/NetPhone.
Plug in the C420 to a free USB port.
Start the SwyxIt!
Control and configure the Windows Audio Settings and the SwyxIt! Audio Modes if necessary.


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