Change VisualContacts field label (kb4462)

The information in this article applies to:

  • SwyxIt! 2015 R40.0.0
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R30.5.0
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R30.4.0
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.2.2
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.2
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3.1
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R3
  • SwyxIt! 2015 R2
  • SwyxIt! 2015
  • SwyxIt! 2011 R2

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VisualContacts supports several custom fields (Custom 0, Custom 1, Custom 2, ...). While the actual data is returned as part of the search results, the field label is defined on the client (SwyxIt!). This article describes how the field labels can be changed.


Because the contact data field labels are not available from the server, the VisualContacts SwyxIt! plugin reads the label from

<SwyxIt! Installation Folder>\Plugins\ContactStore\LDAPContactStoreRessources.xml

Each field label is defines as a <string> xml element like this:

    <String name="custom0">Custom 0</String>

Replace the inner text to your needs, e.g.

    <String name="custom0">Revenue</String>

To change a label

  1. Open "<SwyxIt! Installation Folder>\Plugins\ContactStore\LDAPContactStoreRessources.xml" in a text editor. We recommend an editor supporting XML syntax highlighting such as Notepad++.
  2. Change the XML element of the label as described above.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart SwyxIt!.

 Note: When SwyxIt! is updated or reinstalled the original file is reinstalled. 


Reset to default labels

To reset VisualContacts to the default labels do the following

  1. Stop SwyxIt!.
  2. Delete <SwyxIt! Installation Folder>\Plugins\ContactStore\LDAPContactStoreRessources.xml.
  3. Repair SwyxIt! via the Windows control panel.


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